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Here’s a few snaps from last weekends @openfacesfreeride silvretta montafon 4* competition. i was mostly happy with my run but had some control issues, which put me in 7th place.

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Boys in the front, steep lines in the back. what more could you want? 📷 @mattcherub

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I’ve done so many hand drags this season my arm hurts. which ones your favourite?

@lineskis @smithopticsnz

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Spot the silhouette.
pic: @markclinton

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Here’s a cheeky one from @jontymccool sneaking in some park laps after the @wintergamesnz tnf frontier 4*.

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If one feels good then you have to go for two.

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Here’s a few from my second place run at the m**o 2*. cheers @208media for the shot! #mofo2018

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This has got to be one of my favourite sights. huge ratpack of the @mfc.nz crew ripping the fresh pow up at @mount_olympus_skifield. see if you can count how many are in the pack. cheers for capturing the moment @mark_bridgwater!

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The last two weeks have been some of the most exciting and rewarding i have ever experienced. here’s just a few of my favourite moments.

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Couldn’t be happier to take 2nd place at the m**o 2* to finish off my nz comp season with podiums at all three events! thanks a lot to everyone that has made all of this possible, especially @dionnewport the legend who makes this all happen.

p. @208media

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Woah! after many years in the making the @mfc.nz boys have finally pulled through. so happy to claim the third spot at the north face frontier 4* event but even happier to be standing on the podium with my good friends @weazydavis and @blakeamarshall!

@lineskis @sagaouterwear @smithopticsnz

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Loose competition for the north face frontier 2* today! stoked to share the podium with @tao_kreibich and @sam_ibex_lee and also sneak a spot into the 4* on wednesday. as usual, the field was stacked and everyone was sending it! 📷 @harrietbeaven

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