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So, i'm up on the scaffold... just about to finally finish installing the new frosted transom window panels, and i can feel emily silently staring up at me from the other side of the space. after another few minutes of very suspicious silence she asks "can't we just make one of the panels clear so i can still see the tree and the clouds?" yes, of course. #726weber #yesdear #jrfs

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Sometimes i stop moving long enough to notice a pretty scene like this glowing walnut. mouth probably still moving though.

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We used to have a shy, reclusive shelter dog. now he gets in front of the camera whether i want him to or not. #jrfs #california #californiatable

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#tbt little scale model -> finished piece. cupertino dining chair from 10 years ago. #jrfs #scalemodel #furnituremodel #foamcore #cupertinodiningchair

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Well, it doesn't yet include the halfpipe component i've been talking about for the last 10 years, but it's nice to finally have a stage/dedicated photo area (on wheels so i can chase light around the space if needed.) still need to build a seamless wall. #jrfs #furniturephotography #shootingfurniture

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Spent the last few days making a dedicated photo area. guess who claimed it as his new chill zone? #jrfs

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Seeing the clarity of the end grain reveal itself through sanding grits is one of my favorite things. #jrfs #californiatable #curlyclaro #clarowalnut

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California table legs... always making subtle improvements: shaped foot plates to accommodate leather pads, and no more visible welds anywhere. more work but much cleaner and more convenient for the customer. #jrfs #california #californiatable #steellegs

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When a client says they want the thickest and curliest california table possible, i do my best to oblige. #jrfs #californiatable #california #sfbayarea #sfbay

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It's great having a professional model in the "family" and a photo shoot "producer" wife who are willing to take time out of their joint bday celebration for a rocking chair photo shoot. thanks and happy bday to @emilyoest and @kairamagalhaes ! if you won't get in trouble for following a brazilian model, help kaira get her "k"! 😉 also, i can affirm that cash the dog was compensated well for his participation. #jrfs #modernrockingchair

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Thicc claro ca table lookin like a snack. #jrfs #california #californiatable #thicc

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