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I'm so excited to partner with @lemishine to show you what i wished spring cleaning looked like. 😅frankly, our cabinets have become a "dump and ditch" place for all sorts of knickknacks i haven't used in years. we decided to overhaul all our cleaning products and #mariekondo the crud out of our spring cleaning! 🍋 not only am i using bins to clearly organize all the goodies, i am also purging all the "not so good for you" cleaners. 🙅🏻‍♀️ if you saw on stories, you would have seen atlas crawling all up on our drawers. 😅 having human and fur babies means we go as natural as possible. my favorite product is the everyday cleaner that is powered by citric extracts! same with their disposal cleaner, best i've ever used.

do you have any spring cleaning hacks? i'd love to hear it! 👋🏼 #cleanbetterdobetter #cleanbetter #lemishine #springcleaning

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How did i miss the first day of spring? 😅😅 and how long do you think she will let me twin with her for? when she’s 6, 18 or 37? 🤣

outfit @lillemons

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Controversial question at the end! 🤪help me answer it! 🤔 halfway through the #pantene14daychallenge and checking in with y’all with a fresh head of bouncy waves. 💁🏻‍♀️ thank you everyone for all the amazing input about your hair high and low moments on the last post. ❤️ i guess the grass is always greener on the other side! for me, i have always envied thick, voluminous hair that actually holds a curl. after using the #pantenesheervolume shampoo and conditioner 3 times last week, i’m saying hello to a #greathairday with @pantene! 👋🏼i’ve noticed my hair is bouncier and feels lighter. these waves will last me a couple of days too! are you taking the challenge with me? i’d love to know how you are saying goodbye to a #badhairday!
not sure if you caught my answer but here is the million-dollar question: how often do you wash your hair? 💬 when i told kevin my answer when we first started dating, he was totally shocked. he washed his every. single. day! 😅 lol! can’t wait to hear your story! #ad check the link in my bio for a deal on this collection at walmart.

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The cuuuuutest affordable easter dresses just hit the blog today! 🥚🐣🎀 y’all loved the pink tutu sister set these two cuties wore on stories too. head to link in bio for my 3 easter dress trends! kai’s linen dress with lace appliqué is so well made and only $30. @bonniejeandress you guys really outdid yourself! 📷 @arzuvargasphotography

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Mom bun don’t care! especially if it took 2 minutes and 3 bobby-pins. make sure to watch until the teasing part to see how i get it fuller. no extensions needed 😜

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👠s h o e g i v e a w a y 👠

hooraaay! a happy dance because it's finally spring in houston! 💃 we spent the last day of spring break hunting down azaleas and trekking a couple miles through the city. 🌸 i found the prettiest blooms and my feet didn't even scream at me. 😂 i wore these red italian leather @sofftshoes all day and they are hands down the most comfy and versatile wedges i own. swipe to see the side embroidery detail! a boho dream right? head to stories to see my favorite flower hunting route and a closer look at these fabulous babies.❤️ i’m so excited gift one of you these corinna wedges over 💲100 in value. ⭐️just be following @joyfullygreen & @sofftshoes , double tap and save this image, tell 2+ friend in separate lines and tell me how you like to wear your wedges! my go to way is with a sun dress! 👗👡 ends 3/19 😘

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Couldn’t let st patrick’s day pass without a little matching green action! ☘️ kai is teaching me the secret of youth this #selfcaresunday. 😅i started incorporating a serum step to my daily routine 1 year ago and it’s one i look forward to the most. 🥰when i started looking into luxury skin care, i was clueless about ingredients. 😅 if you are a bit of a nerd like me, be on the look out for serums with peptides. peptides are chains of amino acids and the building blocks of proteins in the skin. 👏🏻 the new @peterthomasrothofficial peptide 21™ wrinkle resist serum is packed with a revolutionary wrinkle-fighting complex of 21 peptides to help skin appear noticeably restored. it also has vitamins a, c and e to nourish the skin. it’s light, feels luxurious and perfect for a nighttime routine. 🌙⭐️ pick it up at @sephora [ad]

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Forgot to tell y’all, this little lady got asked to be a flower girl in october! 🥰 if she can toss petals like she throws her sass around, we are in good hands 🤣 happy weekend friends!

ps, any veteran flower girl mamas, plz share tips! 🙏🏼 #mommyandme #mommyandmefashion #motherdaughter #pinkaesthetic

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🧖🏻‍♀️win $100 skincare for you & a friend!✨
ad: can you believe the first day of spring is just around the corner? this winter has been extra rough. i take our southern moisture for granted some times. 😅 we basically pretend to be coloradans and spent half of our month in winter wonderland. idk how y'all do it up north! my lips and skin were literally so dry i was shedding layers every day! if it weren't for @strivectin blue rescue clay renewal mask, i would be still a hot mess! 😜 this is a hard working mulit-taking clay mask great for rough texture, dullness and dry skin. 🎀the blue algae, probiotics, white
clay and shea butter is gentle on my sensitive skin and leaves it so soft in just 10 minutes. see how massage turns it blue in my stories! so fun
here is your chance to win your own blue rescue mask for you and a friend. ⭐️
just double tap this post and be follow @strivectin and @joyfullygreen. tell 3+friends in separate lines and tell me if it's still winter where you live! you and the friend you mention can both win the mask! ends in 72 hours. 😘

here in houston, it's finally showing signs of spring! we are in the 60s (thank goodness) 🌿

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All i want is big hair and big blooms 🎀🌸

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🎶 tell me something good🎶 my friend @sa_anderson did this a few weeks ago and can feel the radiating happiness from it so let’s play: tell me something good!! what’s going right in your life???? happy news??? spill it! got dress and put on make up today for the first time in a week? that’s worth celebrating. if you have something more personal and wanna dm me too, i’d love to chat and lift you up! ❤️ whyyy you ask? because kai was literally an angel this morning and turned into the exorcist this afternoon: head spinning, hitting, screaming like there is no tomorrow. she’s finally down for a nap at four. i’m so so so thankful she still too a nap so i could just breath for a second. that’s my good news from today! 🤣

also, go ahead and zoom in on her face dimple. hope that never goes away!

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Baring it all with y’all today 🤫. stripping down the extensions, make up, everything because underneath it all, i was really struggling last week. as silly as it sounds, putting myself together and having a #greathairday on sunday got me out of a funk💁🏻‍♀️! ( did y’all see the mega bun? 😂 i was secretly having a bad hair day so i had to quickly do something about it). did you know, according to a yale university study - only 1 in 10 women experience great hair days regularly? 🤔 that is why @pantene is on a mission to help women catch the feel- good bug and get more great hair days by encouraging you all to take the #pantene14daychallenge! my biggest challenge is flat texture and dull look which is why i’ll be using the #pantenesheervolume shampoo and conditioner for the next 2 weeks. i’m taking the pantene 14day challenge to help pump up the volume of my hair and my confidence. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 bye #badhairday! 👋🏽 won’t you join me? 👉🏼 what is your hair type like? what do you love about your hair and hope to work on?
#ad walmart has a great deal on this collection - click the link in my bio for deets!

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