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🧐why do you lift?

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I've never claimed to be the best - that's just s**t i've known since the start😎 #trensetter #nonelikeme

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💆‍♂️out here pondering deep s**t like... how is a*s vs. b***s even a competition?? personally i'd pick a nice well rounded a*s > any type of t*****s any day 🤷‍♂️...thoughts?

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🐓legs & abs only for another month🤢 i get a lot of questions regarding how to proportionally train legs so i'll create an aesthetic leg routine if enough people are interested - leave a comment/question if you want some leg gains😏🙏

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First day back in the gym in a month. this past month has been somewhat of a spiritual wake-up call for me.💔 for the first time in 5 years i've been physically unable to train, or even properly wipe my a*s with my right hand. 💆‍♂️handicapped and lost in time and space off the pain meds i began to realize just how much i've been taking this heavenly blessed body of a demigod for granted - abusing my perfect genetics and misusing my god-given powers. i've been smoking a pack of cigs a day since i was 17, started f*****g with the sauce probably younger than i would suggest, using my immaculate physique to turn nuns into w****s - 😪stroking the d**k of my own ego in spiritual m**********n instead of taking care of my body and respecting this temple. but the best part is this not the end of my journey - only the beginning✨ and i'm glad you guys are all here to witness the awakening of the mother f*****g skywalker🙏 i'm not here to be your role model or an instagram model with a fake life - i'm just a boy named jon and this is my story. #theprodigalson

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The week before my accident💯 sucks not bring able to lift yet but i'm finally gonna be focusing on legs (for the next 5 weeks) - they need to catch up anyways😂😭

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The skywalker destiny..🌌

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Sorry for the inactivity guys🙃🙃 good news is i'm doing a $100 @jed_north gift card giveaway! 🎁rules to enter just 1. follow @jed_north 2. comment on their last picture of me and also 3. tag a friend on this post💯

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☝️never forget 3 types of people in your life: 1. the ones who helped you in difficult times 2. the ones who left you in difficult times 3. the ones who put you in difficult times

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Last pic of my torn bicep tendon before i get my forearm cut open tomorrow to get it reinserted☹️ honestly i’m a lil baby when it comes to surgery - so everyone pls take a minute and pray w me that god protects my nerves and veins during this operation and that i heal fast🙏🌟 #prayforskywalker

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🧐this might be a good time to try out some hgh right? ⠀ 🔹@jed_north

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#rupturedtendon getting it scanned on monday wish me luck brahs hopefully it’s some sort of blessing in disguise cus usually bad s**t always is!💯 tryna be positive as possible but it’s been really hard to wack it and i can hardly wipe my a*s after i shit😢 but for real keep me in them prayers bros🙏🙃

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Free tren pendant to whoever comes up with the best/cheesiest bike-related caption🚴‍♂️😂 winner will be announced on my story tomorrow🎖🎖🎖

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Only thing getting smaller this year is my testicles😤 #fuckinoath @jed_north

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Just now in souther california - space x launch my f*****g ass!!! what’s your guys’ take on this alien fuckery??

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U miss 100% of the shots u don’t take 💉 ⠀ oops i meant 🏀😝😇🙈

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I wouldn’t bet against me either⚖️💯 #trengang #gameover

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They hatin but they imitatin🤷‍♂️

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🧐thinking bout going super saiyan - should i go platinum or bleach blonde??😝

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🙏linked up w the f****n man @vitalyzdtv for some epic content💯 - what type of collab do you see us doing??😝😝🎥

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