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Will you enter the darkside of the force? ☯️

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🌗the half-blood prince💉

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Look guys: 🚫don’t live to be another victim struggling in the rat race🐁 - chasing all the wrong things and comfortable feelings that we‘re taught leads to ‘happiness’🥀

live with passion.
believe in destiny.

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Who would be interdasted in seeing the comeback cycle vlogged?🎥🐒💬💉

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You be the shoulder she cries on & i’ll be the d**k she rides on🧜‍♂️ @pursuefitness

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Lil roid n****e action goin on here

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I miss the way i saw the world when i was young🖤

▫️joggers: @pursuefitness

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Who tryna out smoke me?😤😝 #plantbased

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Some people think the shape & look of your muscles are genetics - that’s bullshit💩 working out too heavy takes away from the full stretch and contraction of each repetition. 📉this decrease in control usually leads to a lot of wasted energy & extra tension in other muscles that you’re not even targeting. so while you might be getting stronger at performing a specific lift - you’re not actually putting your gains where you want them.

working with light weight feels pretty f*****g lame at first - but it lets me stretch & contract separate muscle bellies with increased isolation and range of motions. 🙏ultimately this increase of control will help me evolve my physique into a form even more superior than my previous forms.. get ready for jon skywalker 2.0🧘‍♂️

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📜chapter 3: a legend reborn

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🏃🏻‍♂️ f****n fastest man alive⚡️⚡️⚡️

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Sometimes the only way to grow is to walk alone🖤

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