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As part of my morning routine i ask myself these questions:
🤔what are my priorities today?
🤔what are top 3 goals i need to achieve today?
🤔what are the tasks that absolutely must be done today?
🤔who do i need to contact or connect with today?

do you plan your day?
do you block time for things that matter the most?
if you don’t - start asap!!!
you won’t believe the difference it will make in your life! 📖#highperformanceplanner @brendonburchard

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Intro to the phenomenon of the “game of thrones” as probably the best tv show ever produced.

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Everyone needs “me time’

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And just like that our first born child is graduating college. yesterday we attended part 1 of the graduation ceremonies at montclair state university sprague field - 🎓 college of the arts convocation 2019. 🎓
so many emotions and feelings of love, gratitude, admiration and pride.
you are amazing @nicolette.crapanzano , never ever forget that we love you more than you’ll ever know! ❤️👩‍🎓💋

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Today is my baby girl’s big college graduation day, part 1 - convocation!
this beautiful and talented young lady @nicolette.crapanzano at age of 22 already graduated 6 schools:
1. harmony preschool -🎓2002
2. annin middle school -🎓2011
3. polish school -🎓2013
4. ridge high school -🎓2015
5. votech high school -🎓2015
6. college msu -🎓2019
we love her very very much and we are so proud of all of her achievements. congrats & best of luck! 👩‍🎓

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Lessons learned from the “game of thrones”

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Success leaves clues...
even at their relatively young age my babies are true high performers. they are very clear at what they want to achieve in life, they work consistently to increase their energy and stamina required to reach their goals, they have the courage to not only set bold goals but also go bravely after them, they have great productivity and time management skills to fit all the tasks into their busy school schedules and finally they are masters of influence, it amazes me how they are able to persuade people around them.
time and time again high performance pillars prove to be the base for all success and high achievement. so very proud of them!

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And just like that today we got to watch my daughter’s final college performance as part of a project “hu[e]man” she danced a a solo number titled “anxlety” choreographed by maureen glennon. i always enjoy immensely watching my baby girl dancing but especially today it was a wonderful mother’s day treat for me and her grandma. and to top it off at the very end i also won a really nice raffle basket- happy mother’s day to me! 🌹

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