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Happy tuesday!

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Let’s go! @nelsonjonathan thank you for always calling on me.

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Y’all go check out the fam new single! thank you @theo_milford for allowing me to be apart! #vocalproducer #applause

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Don’t miss it!

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There’s so much talent in my area and i’m excited to be connected to these two. @jahanajones and d***y @stevedmccoy you did that ok? y’all go get it now!

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Celebrating 86 years of life with this amazing woman who is the heart beat of my family! thank you granny for loving us unconditionally and guiding us through life with wisdom and grace. moments like this make it all worth while. love you ok? @buttacup220 @ladykeyinc and my mother who refuses to get instagram ugh lol

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Happy bday @st.beautyway love you ok?

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Happy bday @marvtenorv thank you for never changing and always being loyal. watching you find your happy place has been the highlight of my year. keep being great you singing fool. love you ok?

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Just call me jimmy texas ranger ok? first time at the gun range and i must say it was a very thrilling experience. once i got in my mode i didn’t wanna stop. my bestie @mr_rrg31 nerves were shot and i’m still losing it 😂😂😂😂

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Just me!

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