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If you can’t be king of everything, at least be a king of something.

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Split second events, part 1. some things are always constant no matter how time flies while some things constantly change with time.

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A sight all-too-familiar. but it is always loved.

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When you just had your dinner and your dessert walked on by.
on a serious note, just had my braces removed today. not really sure what to think of. am i sad that 2 years just passed like that, or happy that i won’t have anymore bits and pieces of food stuck in between them? .
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The tallest of buildings look so small from a different angle and perspective. don’t let things easily intimidate you, be open minded and i think we should do alright in our daily life.

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In the thick and thin of the local’s daily routine. funny story, a local store owner thought i was taking some obscene photos from this angle and after i showed him the photos, he just laughed and gave me the thumbs up. i should have told him that if that’s really was my plan, i would have chose to shoot lan kwai fong instead of this busy market 😂

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Follow the light, it’ll lead you to your destination in life. but what if the light is gone after sunset? or what if the light you’re so heavily reliant on disappeared one day suddenly?
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Seeing all the negative comments and complaints on social media especially on the whole nas daily saga had me all fired up and feeling embarrassed about being a singaporean to be honest. these people need to visit third world countries more to understand how pampered and self entitled they are. the things we have here, the conditions and environment that are laid out for us here is really top notch but yet these people whine and complain like all these implications are against them and only them. but how affected are they really? are they whining just for the sake of whining and wishing all their problems will go away?

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Hustling even in the worst of road conditions. all in the name of survival.

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