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A “busy” angle with a not so busy street of sham shui po.

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The best photos are the ones you put in effort and wait patiently for. that includes sitting under the hot blazing sun waiting for the perfect moment. however, that can be dangerous to our eyes as the uv index in singapore is rated one of the highest among other countries. our sight is the key to everything we do especially when it comes to photography and it’s important we protect them. to find out more about how you can fully protect your eyes from the harmful uv rays with zeiss uvprotect lenses, you can visit @zeissvisioncare_singapore for more information.

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Endless supplies of lap cheong and your daily asian diet necessities.

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The amount of difference one second makes.

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“can you take me as far away from this hellhole called life i’ve being suffering since birth as possible to a land of good engagement and endless features of whps?”

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A place where bucket list boxes are ticked and a million selfies are snapped

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The interlace. remastered 2019.

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Fathers, be good to your daughters. they will love like you do. girls become lovers who turn into mothers. so mothers be good to your daughters too.

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Everyone when they see a newly opened bubble tea stall right now.

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Pray for a stronger faith and hope and not for a solution.

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Never expected to find beauty and symmetry in a old and worn down place. can you imagine the architect’s vision before they made this all happen?
@instagram #whpunexpected

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Everyone has different views and way to seeing things. they might or might not like the same things as you do. they might or might not believe in the same faith as you do. the best everyone can do is to be courteous, have some manners and respect their beliefs. don’t put somebody down based on your own old fashioned beliefs. this is a positive community where everyone can share their work freely without any uncalled for criticism or insults. this isn’t your own cult.
to anyone who is getting nonsense in your dms putting you down because of the work you put out, ignore them, stand tall and be the better sensible person you are and carry on doing whatever you’re doing. cheers

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