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Will winter ever come here in holland?
#rustenburg #westfriesland #noordholland #holland

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Beach house chaos...
#texel #noordholland #holland

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Rain is coming...
this weekends hashtag project is #inspiredby for me this is without a doubt a windmill, i never get bored of them, they always complete my pictures...

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The dutch snow hiking rooster...

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On my way to the vakantiebeurs to do a presentation for the greek bureau of tourism about our trip and the book i created about volos and the meteora monastries...

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Misty dutch landscapes, my fav ✌️
have a great weekend!✨

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Watching the windmills from the windmill...
(a repost from a few years back for all my new followers; welcome!)
#zaanseschans #noordholland #holland

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Have i told you lately that i love...uh!? fog of course ! .
what is your favorite photo weather?
#spijkerboor #noordholland

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The fearless one...

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Two coots and a castle...

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