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Ok....i need a new phone. i didn't beat @spflanery strike haha and all my other videos are me rolling deep in the gutter lol jdf

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Make sure to check out my igtv channel @jdfffn!! stay tune for new exciting content.

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4 days until the premiere of the new episode of my morphing life: lathan warlick’s music video @lathanwarlick #mymorphinglife #mymorphinglifeseason4 #lathanwarlick #needablessing

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I love this guy... not many know @michael_rooker is a legit black belt haha thanks @fandemictour for having me #sacramento

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#jdfmedia catch me soon... jdf

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When you thought you had first class. then got roofied and ended up under the plane as checked luggage. i know that little kid wanted my seat. his chocolate bar tasted bitter... boom 💥 on a conveyor belt. thanks to the ceo for getting me the best seat in the house !!! love you all @fandemictour jdf

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Subscribe jdfffn youtube...... jdf

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