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It’s hard to believe we got waves like this near home. @koloheandino22

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Mick having a fun session in fiji. @redbull_surfing

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This pretty much sums up the crowd at 2 ft snapper

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So psyched to watch one of my best friends do so well is his first ct comp! here’s @griffin_cola first wave at kirra

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Had a great time filming @griffin_cola in hawaii this year

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Honestly words can’t explain how amazing this was. perfect snow and only your friends around, not much more you can ask for. thank you so much!! @koloheandino22 @eaglepassheliskiing

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@griffin_cola daily routine

comment 17 star 547 December 2017

Had an amazing time in europe doing what i love thanks to @koloheandino22. swipe right to see a couple crazy clips of brothers heats #r3d

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@ryancallinan quick lowers session last year

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@kiron_jabour on a couple pipe waves #r3d

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New edit of @griffin_cola. edited by @vacation.club now live #r3d

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West oz #r3d

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@yadin_nicol @ian_crane the one that got away...

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@dragonalliance just released a new edit that i made of @griffin_cola and @crosbycola showing their true selves. links in their bios #brotherlylove

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Kolohe at j-bay last year this time

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View from above at fiji #p4p

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Test flight this morning with the boys 🚁 thank @ericpeniata for teaching me how to fly it

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