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Post pier session with the boys

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@koloheandino22 in portugal a few years ago

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Framegrab of ian crane from indo #r3d

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Here’s some funny commentary from @jimmicane and i, when @tannergud lands a hail marry

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It’s really fun to film a clip then pan straight into another one. here’s a double clip of @koloheandino22 and @tajamos in indo

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I hope the boys get waves like this for the comp! @acebuchan a few years ago in france

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Framegrab of tia #r3d

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@ryancallinan in hawaii last year

comment 3 star 667 3 weeks ago

@john_john_florence in france last year

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I’m so fortunate to have such an amazing camera! here is a behind the scenes shot of volume one #r3d

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Volume two is live staring @griffin_cola and @crosbycola. link in bio

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It was awesome to watch these guys go beast mode in the stab high event. #r3d

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