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Such a fun day! my heart is filled with joy!

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Red is my favorite color❤️
i’ll be in vegas this saturday for a very exciting event!🎉🙏🏼❤️😍
watch my ig story for details😍

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My reveal video is now live!!!💎💦

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V i b e s

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Happy friday!!❤️
new video is live on my channel!!!🎉
eyes: coming soon 🙊
lips: @jeffreestarcosmetics “mannequin”
highlight: @beccacosmetics champagne pop

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My heart❤️

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Dear mom, thank you for teaching us how to laugh at ourselves! thank you for being such a positive, strong, hard working & independent woman. you have been the greatest role model anyone could ever ask for! i am so blessed to have you as a mom!! @robin0858 ❤️

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Review & first impressions of the kylie x kris jenner collection is now live on my channel🎉

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My typical warm smokey eye💥
lips are @kyliecosmetics “so cute” gloss
highlight is @morphebrushes ”extra” ✨
eyes are coming soon ❤️

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One of the only photos i’ve ever posted without editing. i mean i did put a little filter on it😂

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