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Great way to start off the week. competing for a spot on the menu at the golden1 center this season! .
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Finally got the opportunity to check out the beautiful state of washington. it’s been on my wish list for years to drive up the coast from sacramento to vancouver and back. we didn’t quite tackle that mission but we were able to check out leavenworth and seattle.
for those of you who’ve never heard of leavenworth, wa it’s an interesting quaint town two hours east of seattle. the entire “village” is bavarian themed; from the store fronts, cuisine and entertainment you’ll feel like your somewhere in the hills of germany. if you’re ever in the area it’s worth a day or two trip.
as for seattle, the city was very remarkable and certainly made me curious enough to want to plan another trip back. as a california kid the closest city i’d compare it to would have to be s.f., but far more manageable to walk the terrain. ashley and i were fortunate enough to stay at the kimpton alexis right in the heart of downtown. from there mapping out our journey was a breeze.
if you ever visit the city here’s a few of my suggestions...
-get to pike place before 10am, it’s a zoo everyday of the week. while there grab a pastry at piroshky piroshky.
-spend the money on a combo ticket to see the space needle and chihuly glass garden, they were awesome sites. -take an uber up to fremont north across the bridge, tons of neighborhood bars with live music. on the way back or before peep the view at kerry park.
-and definitely one of the most extensive bar programs i’ve seen had to be none other than cannon near seattle university. you can’t not go.
-check out the happy hour at von’s 1000 spirits, the mac n’cheese is from scratch. -next time i’m there i’ll be on a ferry across the puget sound and maybe even catching a seahawks game.
adventure awaits. .
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Finally can check this one off the list! #threedotsandadash #victory #alohafelicia #headhunter #maitai #chitown

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Hey, lou epstein, i want you to meet a real mensch, chuck schwartz. #weddingseason #wrapthatbeautifulbutterfly #phenomenalcrabcakes #stagefiveclinger #codered #holyshirtsandpants

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First time to san diego, certainly not the last! #crssd #kimptonpalomar #gaslamp #malaa

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Quality team building. ⚓️ #anchorbrewing #thecity #rooftopviews

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