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Please tell me this is an edit

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I cant decide if he's a grandpa or a grandma

comment 8 star 819 3 days ago

Oh and im currently obssessed with stucky. nothing important, just found sth to say lol

comment 7 star 903 3 days ago

One of the reasons i barely post anymore is because i've run out of captions and things to say so here's harry saying larry was, is, and will always be real.

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8 minutes of louis being g*y 馃憦馃憦

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Vent bellow. i love you all 馃挌馃挋

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Happy birthday cutiiiieeee @louist_iran

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Sibling goalssss. i can imagine them just standing in the corner of the street judging people with their northern accent ugh. also is she wearing louis' hoodie cause cute

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"ours" k cool cool cool

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Jskwbidks wlc to the house joe

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Stans @ locals tonight 馃槀

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