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Did you know parrots can live up to and over 60 years? mind blown 🤯 @_manabouttownuk

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Never work with animals they said.... 🦜 thank you to @_manabouttownuk and the amazing team for having me on the cover.

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Double tap if you want a burger? my gimmie the j**k burger #thedirtydishes

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In the kitchen #thedirtydishes

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Showing you guys how quick and easy it is to make your own pasta dough at home using the recipe in my book #thedirtydishes

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Bell pepper

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One for the vegans out there delicious cauliflower cakes and my very own hot sauce 🔥 #thedirtydishes

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Swipe for smile

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Want sunday brunch sorted? pick up a copy of my book #thedirtydishes #brunch

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