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Chicken & cabbage soup for when you feeling low #thedirtydishes

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Cinnamon scroll 🤤

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Roasted in @thedirtysauces then dripped in the dirty sauce hot sauce. click the the link in bio to order your bottle.

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Smoking haddock. haddock being one of my favourite fish #thedirtydishes

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Basil pesto linguini #thedirtydishes

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We all start somewhere. this is one of the first dirty dish recipes i created,plated and shot way before i got my first book deal. this was braised charred spring onions, parsley purée and pan seared salmon. #thedirtydishes nothing is just handed to people everything takes time to build.

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Exactly what it says on the tee #stellamenswear #instella @stellamenswear

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I’m back cooking in the @radici_n1 kitchen in 2019 with my mate @chef_francescomazzei who’s coming down to eat?

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With the big man himself @gordongram @britishgq

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Show to show thanks @britishgq for the shot

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🌴 hotel reception 🌴

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Sunday shopping

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