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She is fire 🔥 and ice you’ll fear the cold and crave the burn
incredible @brennahblack
capture by master photographer @studio977
event @jfnextjourney international exclusive photoshoot los angeles produced by @iamjetonfashion @terry_serepisos
hair @iamjetonfashion
dress @tracyncollection

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What incredible epic champagne event reveling for first time victoria secret fantasy bra 2 milion dollar designer host by legendary @pascal_mouawad @mouawadjewelry thanks @pascal_mouawad once again hosting such epic event @diamond @jfnextjourney
stay tuned for more videos pic and future events

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#repost @savannahlynx
parties usually look more fun on ig than they actually were in real life...but you guys this one was seriously epic. @diamond and @pascal_mouawad did the d**n thing hosting a ton of gorgeous people in a gorgeous mansion with gorgeous gems everywhere. also i got to see my love @iamjetonfashion!!! if y’all aren’t following him, you need to. he is without question one of the most incredible talents/visionaries i’ve met- not to mention he is so much fun and has a huge heart. if you scroll to the next photo, you’ll bare witness to bedazzled boobage on the mannequin...i tried to wear it but they were like nah and said something about arresting me but whatevaaa😒😒😒maybe one day someone will consider my b***m worthy of a bazzillion dollar brassier 🤷🏼‍♀️💎🤩 victoria secret, i’ll be waiting for your call 😂😂 also shoutout to @michaelsartain for the calf appreciation and lookin like the dapper gentleman that he is

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Bombshell @lifeasmika ・・・
she is the fire that burns your skin, and she is the water that kills your thirst. 💋 - blonde bombshell @lifeasmika @narcos 📸- @itsmetinalouise
lingerie: @honeybirdette
hair: @iamjetonfashion
produced: @jfnextjourney

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#repost @susanna_canzian
“the eyes shout what the lips fear to say.” photographer @sylvio_testa
lingerie @agentprovocateur
shoes @louboutinworld
exclusive photoshoot event in mykonos hosted and produced by @terry_serepisos and @iamjetonfashion

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