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19 vs 24
first time handling a vz58 in the top picture, i was helping out with a open house at my range at @eastelginsportsman with @motoman383 we were showing people how to shoot rifles at the 100 yard range, it was a long day but it was a lot of fun. the best way to further our fight for gun rights is to show people who know nothing about guns how to be around and shoot guns safely.

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Shooting @armed.canadian 's xcr rifle back in the summer 👌🏻 #robinsonarms #xcr #223

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@mostly_accurate do you even read what i say in the 3 group chats we are in??

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Garand 👌🏻
#ww2 #westernfront

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We only want to know why 😭

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Sergei mosin had high hopes, but the 18 year old communists and bubbas who "upgrade" these rifle took all hope away.

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@armed.canadian 's type 81 with a d**g grip!
#type81 #762x39 #combloc

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@mostly_accurate always buying the rusty guns people forgot about.

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