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Shot a 50 for the first time this weekend... pretty neat rifle, it's modelled after the mcmillan tac-50, which is the rifle that was used by jtf operators that broke the longest snipe in history. not sure the exact model of this firearm, i was just to excited that i got the offer to shoot it.

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Showing some of my helmets to my grandma and cousin turned into a family picture.

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After you like this video, head on over to @shoot_center and @florida_gun_girls and follow them!! this video could not have happened without them. thanks so much for going over the m240 today with me. stay tuned for the youtube video!

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Here is something cool to try at @shoot_center in cape coral, florida. shooting @photogenic_firearms @hecklerandkoch vp40 👌🏻

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When @photogenic_firearms takes you shooting for the day and let's you pose with his guns 💁🏼‍♀️👌🏻 #ak74 #1911 #florida #milsurpguys #hosergunguy

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