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Minnesota has gotten over 30 inches of snow in february and it keeps coming down basically every week even now in march. we haven’t been able to go outside much because of the snow and cold temps. i hate to say it because i usually love it, but i’m starting to hate winter!

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There’s so much snow that we can’t even walk through it to go anywhere. the dogs are in heaven though!

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Hope everyone has a good sunday! things here have been very busy, cold and snowy ❄️

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When it’s brutally cold out, it’s perfectly acceptable to take more than 2 long naps a day...

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Watching the snow fall ❄️

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Some things just fill your heart without even trying.

to be completely honest with you guys, i didn’t do my research when i got holly. i wasn’t involved much within a dog community, i lived on a farm in rural minnesota - a dog was a dog.
from the moment i seen the picture of this sweet-faced merle aussie tied to a tree i knew i had to have her. i was on my way home from vacation when the girl messaged me, saying she was going to take holly to the animal shelter if she wasn’t gone that night. i already drove 8+ hours that day, but i drove another 4 hours total just for holly. when i finally seen her i started tearing up because although i wasn’t totally sure what i was looking for in a dog, she suddenly became everything i needed.
holly and juneau may not be the most well-bred, well-trained or well-mannered dogs, but they are my heart dogs and i really don’t know where i would be today without them.

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I can’t decide what’s prettier, the sunrise or holly ❤️

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When mom makes you take your younger sibling to places with your friends 😒

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This was my face when i seen holly and vicky on @instagram last night!

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Wild hearts find a home in every place they roam. ⠀
the whole week before my weekend trip back home i prayed the weather would cooperate and be gloomy but instead it was warm and sunny, a photographers nightmare, or at least mine. as i was driving back to the city for work the next day suddenly a huge cloud came over and i noticed the scenery getting more and more white and frosty, it lasted for at least a half hour. i got off the interstate and drove down strange, rural country roads while enjoying the view. it was almost like nature apologized and gave me one last chance for some much-anticipated photos.

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Free good morning kisses! 😘 #whpunexpected

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‘tis the season for snowballs to accumulate on our fluffy dogs. with every bounce through the snow they get bigger and bigger. even though holly and juneau have been trimmed they still get them pretty bad on their pants!

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