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Charlotte has been very particular about her daily hairstyle lately. yesterday she insisted on 2 braids - and i was happy to do it for her. however, a temper tantrum ensued when i took my daily photo of the kitten. i’m talking alligator tears. so she also insisted that i take a picture of her braids instead. i asked her this morning if i could take a picture of the kitty today and she yelled “no! only i get to be in pictures!” 🤣 well at least i know she hasn’t got tired of getting her picture taken... yet. check out my stories for the picture of the cat that made this all happen #hollynicoletimekeeper_bnw

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A beautiful day in our neighborhood. even the horse came out to say “hello” ❤️

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My living snow angel 😇 •

“the beauty of the natural world lies in the details.” ~ natalie angier

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When i think of megan’s work, the first things that come to mind are gorgeous light, fantastic flare, and a feeling of freedom! we’ve had nothing but gray skies lately and we are currently under another winter storm watch, so i had to dig into my archives for my image for megs this week. not sure why i never shared this image i took in the fall. i think the universe knew i should save it for sweet megs ❤️ aside from her incredible and unique artistic side, i’ve been so blessed to get to know megs as a person and one of my dearest friends. i am so inspired by her ambition and creativity. and i’m so glad i’ve gotten to tag along on her creation of the amazing hello storyteller community and academy! love you, megs! you’re the best!

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A portrait collective •
{stillness in motion} ~ inspired by my amazingly talented friend, erin, of @twighillphoto ❤️

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His spot 🐈 •

“a moment can change the way you view the world, and the way you view the world will give you more moments.”
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We need more days where all you need is a stick to be entertained ❄️ •

i hope you’ll join me in april 2019 for my elective course, “capturing the magic of childhood”! {link in bio}

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Another shot of honeydukes from our @universalorlando vacation, because it’s my favorite 🍭 🍬 🍫

“my favorite journey is looking out the window.” -edward gorey
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Magical light during art time ✨#storiesfromoureasel

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Snow angels from above!! i take this shot each year with at least one of the girls from the top of a 12 foot ladder. i really need to get a drone 😂swipe for last years shot!

week 7: storytelling •

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Dream higher than the sky, and deeper than the ocean 🌊 •

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One more from the ice storm because it was pretty amazing ❄️happy weekend!

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