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U is for unique. the unique perspective of seeing flowers explode in to the sky. there’s something about this that seemed like a giant firework 🎆. flower fireworks seem like they would be fun 🌸 happy first day of spring!

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T is for trying something new. right now i’m trying to make room in my heart for somewhere new.

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S is for sunshine. i’m so desperate for it that i deep dived into my photos and found desert pictures from a road trip we took in the middle of summer ages ago. good ol’ sunburn and heat s****e 🙃☀️

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R is for rejuvenate, because all the green in ireland does just that for you 💚. i was just playing with the flowers on this photo and this combination reminded me of cotton candy😋🌸 🍬

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Q is for quiet, this picture reminded me of quiet unrushed moments in venice enjoying the scenery. inspired by my current lazy sunday ☕️

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P is for picturesque, which most of ireland is and this tiny house was no exception 🏡 this picture took place like many did, stopping quickly on the side of the road and jumping out of the car to get the photo🏃🏽‍♀️🚘. the flowers add to the ambiance i felt while looking at the house 🌸

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O is for overwhelmed. it’s been a crazy last few days! being featured on instagram 😲 and all the love and support i’ve gotten since then, thank you!! and while that was happening i was moving from my home in ireland that i’ve been in the last 2 years. it’s been so hard to leave there, i’ve truly loved it. i’m now starting a new adventure in lisbon, portugal. just arrived last night😅. any tips for making a new place feel like home?

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N is for nourish because nature like this calms me. where do you feel most calm?

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M is for march, the month that can’t decide wether it is spring or winter❄️🌷 currently being very winter☃️ #hellomarch #march2018 #herselfdesignsmonths

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L is for love 💛 i really fell in love with scotland while i was there. which countries have stolen your heart?

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K is for knowledge, you learn so much from traveling! ........like when you’re in florence and wondering why pinocchio is everywhere because your disney knowledge tells you that pinocchio is from somewhere in germany 🤦🏻‍♀️ maybe that was just me! i would love to know where you are all from, i am from los angeles, california originally, but have since called home vancouver, canada and ireland🌎

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J is for joy, finding joy in the simple beauty you discover. like abandoned sheds in scotland, that you run out of the car to take pictures of before the rain starts😅

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I is for inspiration, it can come from anywhere, and in this post it came from venice! i find traveling and flowers inspiring, what inspires you?

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H is for humor, because if you don’t have a laugh you don’t have anything. and these highland cows make me laugh, they’re so cute🐮

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G is for getting around 🚃. the trolleys in lisbon are such a fun way of getting around! what’s your favorite way of getting around? 🛩🚁🛶🚲🚗🛵

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F is for flamingo. and as it’s also the beginning of february it could be for that as well! the time of year when i just want to be like this flamingo🛁 till the flowers bloom again🌷. what’s your go to, to help you get through the cold months? • #herselfdesignsmonths #hellofebruary #february2018

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E is for early. saying i’m not a early morning person is an understatement! are you an early bird or night owl?

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D is for discovery, one of the many reasons i love travel! discovery of yourself and the world around you. the picture in this spot was taken by discovering a cute bookshop in venice that had a picturesque book stack 📚 what has been your favorite discovery?

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C is for climbing, sometimes you need to climb up to see the views 👀 where are your favorite spots to get a view from the top? ... when i was young it was the roof 🏡 #rosiehardychallenge

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B is for this wonderful whimsy barn! it’s actually called the wonderful barn, and is shaped like a corkscrew.

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