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Fairytales in sintra 🏰

comment 18 star 334 3 weeks ago

Small snippets of joy from life!
beautiful sunset, old meeting the new and flowers to share how i was feeling 🌸 🌃

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When a place makes you feel like yellow daffodils 🌼💕⁣

i think i see more of my la now that i don’t live there 🤷🏻‍♀️ this area was so lovely and peaceful! it’s so nice to take the time and explore the areas near you.⁣ do you have a place near you that you haven’t explored yet? ⁣

comment 20 star 348 last month

Turned the corner and saw this beautiful light with smoke running through from the chestnuts roasting, one of my favorite moments, made walking up that hill worth it!
chestnuts will always remind me of winter in lisbon 😊
what’s your favorite travel food memory?

comment 16 star 327 January 2019

Something a little different 😬 inspired by the #whpinspiredby. ⁣⁣
creating a modern day belle 😁⁣⁣
belle has always been my favorite, besides the fact that she was the only brunette princess 👸🏽 she loved adventure, while simultaneously wanting to stay inside and read books, i relate! ⁣⁣
sometimes i think it’s easy to stay more on laptops and phones rather than reading and adventuring. so she is currently, still inspiring me to do more of that.⁣⁣
who or what inspires you? i’d love to know!⁣⁣

comment 32 star 265 January 2019

Unexpected colors of this lovely sunset, with some unexpected flowers 🌼 😊

comment 13 star 301 January 2019

This year has been such a journey in my personal life and in my art. it’s an amazing moment when people can connect with what you are creating and expressing. thank you so much for cheering me on, liking and commenting❤️ it is very valuable to me and gives me the confidence and courage to keep creating art that unites what i see and what i feel. can’t wait to keep creating, sharing, and hopefully inspiring others to feel, create and travel😊

comment 34 star 297 December 2018

Skies are looking rosy and i’m feeling cozy 😁🤦🏻‍♀️

comment 40 star 445 December 2018

Layers of light, mountains and flowers 🧡 catching sunset on this moorish castle fortress with family, is definitely one of my top sunset moments. i feel like good sunsets often had good memories 🌅 where did you last catch your favorite sunset memory?

comment 36 star 640 December 2018

These were some of my favorite views from ireland! always missing ireland 💚
what’s your favorite country?

comment 35 star 431 October 2018

Sorry i’ve been away for awhile! i was spending time with family and doing a bit of travel. can’t wait to show you some of my photos from bits of spain and portugal 😃
this photo is a throwback to my first visit to portugal in 2016, memories of being bundled in blankets, eating pizza and enjoying this lovely sunset view🧡

comment 15 star 322 October 2018

It’s the first day of autumn🍂 waiting on some sweater and scarf weather 🧣

comment 29 star 491 September 2018