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I love full finger designs!

comment 12 star 763 Yesterday

Vines galore! 🌿🌿 design on left is by the amazing @mehndibyhayat

comment 8 star 367 3 days ago

The struggle was real to get this picture! how do you guys get such perfect mendhi pictures?! 😩😩

comment 15 star 575 3 days ago

I loved creating this design for the loveliest lady @farina_k ❤️❤️

comment 10 star 537 2 weeks ago

This designs reminds me of strawberries 🍓🍓 (not sure who the original design was by)

comment 1 star 171 last month

Love this rosey @henna_nurahshenna design my client chose.. swipe for the video showing the deets 🥀🥀

comment 7 star 410 last month

The lovely faiza’s simple nikkah mendhi ❤️ inspired by the amazing @leedsmehndi of course

comment 13 star 545 last month

Nurah style for the cousin @_zaynabk 😘

comment 6 star 479 last month

@leedsmehndi designs are so amazing! it’s no wonder why they’re so popular!

comment 8 star 536 last month

Loved creating this @leedsmehndi bridal on the beautiful @tazkhan_mua i love meeting such lovely souls and hearing their different stories! #lovemyjob

comment 6 star 390 December 2017

What was meant to be a little doodle turned to this!

comment 15 star 537 November 2017

This lovely girl requested roses and full fingers.. first rose is a @nighatkazim_hennapro rose.. oh and she wanted one rose to be a @hennabysadaf rose 🌹 p.s. for any one waiting for a response, i’m getting back to them all now! email me for a quicker response: hennabytanzeela@gmail.com ❤️❤️❤️

comment 12 star 542 November 2017

Oh how i missed the famous @mazendii swirly vine

comment 2 star 406 November 2017

Loved doing this @henna_nurahshenna inspired bridal on the loveliest bride sofia. such a lovely family too ❤️❤️

comment 1 star 309 October 2017

This @leedsmehndi design on the left has been soooo popular lately!! right design is by moi ☺️ on the lovely @hinnaa_artist who’s an amazing henna artist and so sweet too!

comment 6 star 589 October 2017

Sana chose this grid design and wanted some flowers rather than the gulf-style roses. (excuse the shadow on the side, i’m obviously not a professionally photographer 🙈)

comment 13 star 333 October 2017

I love mendhi on the feet!

comment 10 star 332 October 2017

@leedsmehndi designs are just the bestttt! and this looks so good as a simple bridal design chosen by the stunning firdose

comment 1 star 411 October 2017

I loveddd creating this design for the beautiful saira ❤ i've forgotten which design this was the bride chose, please tag below if you know. @sairaawrrx_

comment 6 star 292 October 2017