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God has given me love.. in form of a beautiful wife an amazing mother to be and a unbreakable friendship. i am grateful every day of you being my life, my pride,my joy. thanks again and again... if i do not say it enough, apologies, sometimes life drags me into the rat race or the matrix as we call it amongst my friends... and i forget what really is important in life, what really counts... thank you for being there through the tears, laughter and in a near future dirty diapers...no man can succeed with out a good woman behind him. i am twice blessed... i am proud of you and your success in life. i will always be at your feet my love and you have my heart always. "ever thine ever mine ever ours"

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It is almost time.. anxiety, nervousness, unexplainable joy and basically a plethora of emotions that you succumb in this new stage. i talked and dialogued with close friends on the fear of being a good parent, a good father. but i came to the conclusion that my son and i will learn together, he will learn from the simple and blissful taste of honey to the emotions of pain and fear... but all i can do is assure him that i will be there for him 100% and hopefully i am going to be able explain and transmit my understanding of this universe and life's mysteries to the best of my abilities and may be with what i have learned and keep learning; i will be able to teach/transmit to him my understanding of how amazing and crazy this life can be, and by then he will be able to take his own decisions and become a human with tremendous love and light in his heart. we await with open arms young one. love ya.

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“when you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” —lao-tzu thank you love @blankitinerary for always making my days whole. 👌🏻📸:drone

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@blankitinerary on the way to @dior fashion show m@dness. #pfw #paris #dior #streetstyle

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"we are all captives of a story" it is time to create yours.

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Always on the go.... running to mulberry fashion show #lfw @blankitinerary

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The moment you walk into the restroom, and they are space-pod cocoons of trippiness-. -sketch restaurant- #lfw

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Donut break #lfw

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London fashion week street art. #lfw

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Behindthescene #tresemmé @blankitinerary #nyfw

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House of herrera. #nyfw @oliviapalermo

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