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When the love is real ❀️! #repost @h.glut with @get_repost
@healthneurotics yay, brit!!!!! #showyourlove #thankyouforyoursupport #thankyouforyourbusiness #supportlocalbusinesses

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4005 34th st mt. rainier, md 20712. come out and show love and support @h.glut.

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Final results πŸ˜‚ smashed

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Know if you know you know! i used to travel near and far for kfc chicken pit pies πŸ₯§. enlisted friends and family @btvintageclothes to find kfc’s with chicken p*t pies πŸ˜‚. i was addicted. but today i made my very own and its legit like shit! oyster mushrooms, zucchini, squash, fennel bulb, green peppers, tomatoes, burro banana was the filling. spelt flour crust and the creamy filling sauce is grapeseed oil, chickpea flour and h**p milk. not my original recipe but d**n its πŸ”₯. #chickenpotpiejourney #foodporn #yummy #drsebiapprovedingredients #alkaline

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Double trouble be careful habanero hot πŸ₯΅ sauce partna (tone loc voice). and i still gotta make more πŸ˜‚. i need to hire a volunteer. accepting applications!!

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Lunch πŸ₯— is served. i love when i really have time to create! bread 🍞: berlin bakery sourdough bread found in specialty grocers in the freezer, fried oyster mushroom, portobello deli slices, homemade pickles, jerk/verde salsa sauce, tomatoes, arugula sandwich, dirty wild rice and arugula salad with apples, roma (plum) tomatoes with homemade italian dressing. #yummy #foodporn

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🚨 family. read carefully and fully activate. #healthpeople2020 sets 10 yr health goals/objs for a “healthier” ppl. however, laws /stand orders are in discussion (soon law) that 80-90% kids, adults will be included as well to be vaccinated. this includes schools, daycares, public places... @_rizzaislam thanks to this brother and the noi who have been on the case for years. go to your states health dept and get medical/religious/philosophical exemptions and provide them to all your entities before this becomes law to have your exemptions grandfathered in. my followers you have been informed on the dangers of vaccines and do more independent research and watch @vaxxeddocumentary. #tipoftheday #wellnesswednesday

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Yes! #intermittentfasting squad goals for life and for the beach πŸ– trips coming up. #wellnesswednesday #tipoftheday

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Watch vid about intermittent fasting “if”. this is how i live= 24 hours in a day, fast for 16, eat between 8. i eat between the hours of 12noon-8pm. your body needs minerals and you can get minerals without eating (juice, smoothie, water, mineral pills). #intermitentfasting #tipoftheday #wellnesswednesday #relearnandlearnagain

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Alkaline dirty rice with wild rice and walnut/mushroom meat. πŸ˜‹

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On muvas

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Bout to get into this lovely cold/flu hot bath πŸ› with linden flower, chamomile, eucalyptus oil, sea salt, epsom salt, himalayan pink salt, lavender oil. trying to decongest and bring the toxins out of my body. #scienceexperiment #tipoftheday

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