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🧵 am trying for down to my feet this time

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A simple gesture to the jester who would wear these to court
#rose #armour

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Videos of some early #armour on my old cell phone
last is the first full glove i ever made

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Feeling funny remembering these specific days

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#chasm from summer

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Thinking of my birth father mike who died a year ago today. since his passing ive been gifted an aunt who tells me he feared few things, loved animals, his mother and my mother for over 27 years. i grieve the opportunity to know him but find him in myself when i catch his same features and expressions looking back at me. a confusing but comforting thing to realize that in some ways, people never truly die. i will always try to know the ghosts in my face. (last pic is a bracelet my father gave to my mother that my aunt gave to me)

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Would be fully clad in lily star armour, orchid mantis on each shoulder
bound cause i couldn’t sleep

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i once slept inside a lily in a dream i had. i was given special bubble gum that gave me the ability to make flowers grow at the motion of my hands every time i chewed. i found lilies in a forest and grew one so big i could climb inside and i slept in it that night.

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Snow memories, my achiest

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