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Jangan rindu, berat. kamu gak akan kuat. biar aku saja - dillan

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A fairytale chapter that not seldom created #buskerthemovie

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Something new will hit you #rahsia

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Proving innocent sometimes is unnecessary to someone who just wanna look good being wrong.

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5th raya done 📷 @azuladnan #fujifilmmy

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Different that i bring so different that i give. kimono by @fashionstylezairinazailani

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This is my secret to beauty @hershe_aesthetic. and top by @taguwaruwa

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May is still the issue with @glamlelaki

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#daffodillara a telemovie that was shot 3 years ago in wales is finally will be on air at @mytv2 9:30pm later guys. see u guys soon

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