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Badwater salt field.
(usa roadtrip, dec/18)

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Artist‘s palette 🎨
(usa roadtrip, dec/18)

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Beautiful mountain ranges on the way to death valley (usa roadtrip, dec/18).

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Endless roads on the way to the death valley np (usa roadtrip, dec/18)

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Half-dome 🏞
(usa roadtrip, dec 2018)

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El capitan 🏞
(usa roadtrip, dec 2018)

did you know alex honnold free climbed (without ropes!) the 915m of el capitan? insane!!! possibly one the greatest feats in sports! just watch the movie free solo and you will know what i mean.

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Tunnel view 🏞. swipe πŸ‘‰
(usa roadtrip, dec 2018)

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Moody day @ the bay
(usa roadtrip, dec 2018)

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πŸŒ‰ the golden gate bridge
(usa roadtrip, dec 2018)

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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸš˜ throwback to our usa roadtrip in dec 2018.⁣
we travelled a lot in 2018, visited so many incredible places!!! slowly i'm getting back working on my photos and will be sharing some of them in the next weeks.

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Classic ussr

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Moscow subway, ploshchad revolyutsii

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