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Times were had. and they were delightful.
to 38.

comment 853 star 451k 2 days ago

We had the best day yesterday for kyle’s 38th birthday. he’s not really 38.

or is he?
i really have no idea, you’ll have to google it.

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Season 5 finale of the flash tonight!!!! disclaimer: we won’t look this happy.

comment 5,997 star 809k 2 weeks ago

We had so much fun seeing les mis last night at the pantages. i love going to the pantages. my first ever la experience was performing west side story in that theatre for 5 weeks. if you’re in la during the run of les mis, do yourself a favor and go see it. the cast is spectacular. i was blown away. it made me want to get up on a stage so bad. bravo to the entire cast👏👏👏 truly loved it. thank you!

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Got to meet the legend @jon.soohoo tonight! he even took some sneaky pictures of us. and @kikehndez got the one of the selfie. we got to stand on dodger field... it definitely wasn’t casual. it was awesome.

comment 584 star 302k 3 weeks ago

Best friends.

comment 847 star 414k 3 weeks ago

This was surreal. i love this f*****g show. thanks for having me @robdyrdek @chanelwestcoast & @steelobrim. and thanks to everyone that was there for being pumped at 10am. look for the episode in july.

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Great @dodgers vs @padres game today at petco in san diego. didn’t love that padres walk off grand-slam, but good baseball is good baseball...

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#idontmind talking about my mental health. do you? may is mental health month, and i’m joining @idontmind in the fight against stigma. shop, 100% of the proceeds go to @mentalhealthamerica.

for our impromptu idontmind photo shoot, we first removed all the sand from each others faces. then we realized la was having some hair struggles. so we solved the hair issues with our staging.
i’ve always been a sensitive person. i’ve always been a shy person and an anxious person. i have my own ways of coping with those aspects of my personality. i also have my many ways of masking them. every year i try to take steps forward as far as my mental health is concerned. for me that means being honest with myself about how i’m feeling. it means not being so h*****n myself all the time. i may always struggle with anxiety and depression. that doesn’t mean it has to define me. there have been times where i’ve wanted to give up and there will most likely be more. but i’ll always do my best to resist that urge and lean on the people around me that love me. there are so many things and people in my life that bring me an immeasurable amount of joy. talking to people about what you’re going through can be a healing process, but you’ll also find out that you’re not alone. open up a conversation about mental health. it’s normal to be dealing with these things.

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Getting closer and closer to a crazy conclusion to our season...

comment 2,009 star 347k 4 weeks ago

My wife 😍

comment 2,240 star 380k 4 weeks ago

This team though. these 3. but this whole d**n team.

comment 414 star 162k 4 weeks ago