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We’re gonna go pro together next.

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Yo! this ones different and crazy...
2088 odyssey || the next limited edition in our 2088 line with @bearwalkerofficial launches tomorrow at noon pt ⚡️ there will only be 150 ever made. 5 will randomly be signed by me, 1 will be randomly chosen and sent to space! once retrieved it will be sent to its new home.
features hand painted galaxy swirl and space dust, and hand painted stars on the board and wheels. it comes equipped with mission 1 trucks and 65mm @hyberium blackhole wheels. also comes with @shredlights taillights. these will go fast, good luck and thank you in advance for your order!

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It’s only been 1 week and we’re back on tonight.

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Another sunset that wasn’t too bad. that’s my wife standing behind me. we’re married.

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I have so many pictures from the past couple months of my life. i’ve been on a form of a break from instagram. there’s just been too much going on to feel the need to stop and post about it to be honest. this one is two of the people i love the most though. they’re also the worst. they both looked really cool just looking out at this sunset and i said “don’t move”, so they promptly hit these “poses”.

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Giveaway || @bearwalkerofficial and i would like to show a little fan appreciation, so we’re giving away a limited edition flux og cruiser and a signed comic book.
to enter:
follow @bearwalkerofficial
tag 3 friends
bear will announce the winner on monday, enter as many times as you’d like. thank you all for being awesome and we’re stoked to bring you some badass boards this year!

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Dat foreva bling.

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Sooo many honeymoon pictures to post that it’s gonna be hard to pick any. so i’ll post another wedding day picture for now. that’s my wife.

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12.15.18 ❤️

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The 3 night event begins tonight! we had a lot of fun making these special 3 crossover episodes. don’t miss any of them! @cwtheflash @supergirlcw @cw_arrow

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