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@shaynamcneill you are a pretty one. 😍
went a little deeper and darker for the second look for the @dresstokillmagazine editorial.
i used @maybelline 💄deepest cherry on the 👄and also as an eyeshadow base to make the eyeshadow pop and may have also used a tiny bit on the cheeks to tie it all together. you’re welcome. 😉
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Current mood: 22 flights in 5 weeks.
thank you, next.
yup. i just completed 22nd flights in 5 weeks and don’t have to see another plane for the rest of 2018.🎈💃🏻💪🏻
i’m so happy i’m still standing. and thanks guys, for putting up with all my travel updates. 😂🤣
still can’t say why but all will soon be revealed. promise✌🏻
thanks for the boom @amber.kallor
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Some pink and purple 💜💕bts of @shaynamcneill from that @dresstokillmagazine editorial.
@shaynamcneill you have an incredible face. 🤩😍🥰
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Editorial vs. reality 👉🏻👉🏻💯
you just never know what it really takes to get a shot!😜 great team work💪🏻🙏🏻 (tap for credits) on this
against the wind editorial for @dresstokillmagazine ❤️
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Did you guys watch last night? the @victoriassecret tribute for @adrianalima made me 😭😭all over again. i had to cut it down to a minute.
it was truly an honour to witness her interview live and listen to her talk about her 18 years with the brand. amazing to see it come full circle to a city where she started in and now ending it.
it’s extraordinary to see a woman of her beauty be so honest, vulnerable and real. im not surprised why she lasted so long with the brand. it’s a true testament of her work ethic, professionalism,her drive and a beautiful heart. this is why you saw so many angels pay respect, love and admiration for her.
this is not the end like @daniellepriano said. this is just the beginning. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #teamlima forever!! i think when the interview was filmed, everyone including the camera guys all cried. and @themartyharper and i were crying and hugging each other. #truestory #whatalegend #adrianalima #graceleebeauty #goat #supermodel #victoriasecretangel

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What’s that saying? the bigger the hair, the closer to god? appropriate for a sunday, no? too much?
also the face of someone that had 3 hrs sleep and a 530am call time and has a new lipstick on that i discovered was all over my teeth after i finished filming. 🤦🏻‍♀️😬😫
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#fbf to ✌🏻😄in one of the most recognizable backstage hair and makeup areas. 💕💕💕
thank you @themartyharper for quickly taking this. no pics allowed at the rehearsal so we were living on the edge!! 😜 #sorrynotsorry #ijusthadto😂💪🏻
can’t wait to watch @victoriassecret show on dec 2. especially because of the tribute segment to the 👑 @adrianalima ❤️❤️ (grab a tissue) what a legend!! #backstage #graceleebeauty #vsfashionshow #lifeofamakeupartist #bts

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Against the wind editorial in @dresstokillmagazine is out!! when i see this i think stripes and layers!but make it fashun!! 😉
shot by @chrisnichollsphotography
styling @peterpapapetrou1
hair @jukka333 @plutinogroup
model @shaynamcneill @plutinomodels @streitmode @imgmodels
#makeup #graceleebeauty ☺️
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📍✈️ i live here now. 🙃 flight 15 of 22 this month. 😬
i’m feeling this h**p day:
made the kids breakfast, packed their snacks, did noah’s homework with him, dropped the kids off at school, made dinner for tonight, unpacked my suitcase, repacked my suitcase, repacked my makeup kit, did my expenses, talked to my agent multiple times.
had a meltdown in my head (exhaustion is taking over.) can i do this? questions i keep asking myself. i can do this. you got this. i’m so tired. i miss the kids. feel mama guilt. but i’m doing it for them. think big picture.
breathe. just breathe. take it one day and flight at a time.
i took a long hot shower, caught up on @nbcthisisus and had a good cry. and for some reason, i felt a whole lot better. i think i was dehydrated. 😂😬🤦🏻‍♀️
got ready and now here on a plane again and ready to k**l it for the rest of the week. 💪🏻 thank you to all the people that send encouraging, positive and loving messages. they mean a lot. ❤️❤️❤️
i love my job and what i do and so thankful for it,but if you think that my job is easy and glamorous, please think again. #thestruggleisreal
oh and @khaist8r i stole your sweatshirt again. 😜🤘🏻
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🔊🔊🔊beside doing makeup, my other skill on set is playing classical music when there’s a piano around. ☺️ #hireme 😜
it baffles🤯 me that i still remember fur elise by beethoven but i can’t remember what i had for lunch yesterday. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤪😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #onehitwonder 🎼🎹
cant wait to show you what we’ve been shooting and exciting projects coming out soon. all will be revealed soon!! 💋 thanks team @maybelline 🇨🇦for making today go so smoothly @geraldineeckert @sabulouslife @laurabranik @alexisgr
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When i show noah this photo i can officially say “i’m not a regular mom, i’m a cool mom. aka hockey mom!” 😆💪🏻 and if you don’t get this reference, we are not friends. 🤣
it was a lovely day spent with the crew and this hockey superstar (and such a nice human to boot) thanks erik for putting up with me. (hair flips and all! catch it on stories. )☺️
i’m getting big mommy/wifey points with this photo! photo cred @djubs 😘 second photo-no socks cuz california. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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It’s 630am and i’ve already been up for 3 hours already. 🙃🥺but i’m having a good hair day even tho i feel a little wretched inside. are the kids still saying “wretched?” asking for a friend. 😆
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