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“you are not a mess. you are a feeling person in a messy world.” ~glennon doyle melton

the world is not set up to honor sensitive people. as a sensitive, open-hearted person, i’m deeply affected by the world.
i now embrace this as one of my greatest strengths. & while this means that i feel pain frequently & deeper, it allows me access to incredible depths of joy, connection, and compassion. to those of you who are deeply sensitive, i feel you, i honor you, and i implore you:
never mistake sensitivity for weakness. sensitivity indicates a strong heart, eager to be engaged and capable of radical love.

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I can’t stop you from growing up reagan, but i can be present & mindful as a parent & role model - to help you become the amazing boy you are meant to be 🧡

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While springtime itself is poetry, we’ve implemented sacred afternoon moments of chamomile lavender tea for baby & dandelion lemon for mama. blackberry stained fingers reach to turn pages of dickenson as excerpts of shakespeare are sung to the melody of your smile. verses of afternoons like these forever bookmarked on my heart. pure poetry ✨

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Flying into the week like ☝🏻☝🏻 reagan’s happy face is quite possibly my most favorite thing. 🥰 i’m so blessed that he’s so good-natured & that he still loves his mama cuddles & that pete works so hard so that i can stay at home with our baby & give us the best life & basically i’m just making one long, run-on sentence to say how thankful i am for a family that loves me just as much as i love them. 💙

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As a mother, my energy & inner piece is of utmost importance to maintain being a mindful & present parent. but sometimes in life we spend so much time forming attachments to things, people, places, thoughts and emotions that our lives become overburdened; even when they might be toxic or draining relationships. yet, we find evidence to substantiate these relationships in our life. these may include innumerable reasons, but at the essence of it all, we continue to suffer within.
when you reflect on those relationships that draw energy away from you and leave you feeling empty and uninspired, you realize there’s a need to let go if only to preserve your own energy & inner peace. as part of my resolution this year to prioritize wellness, this has been the one area that i need to focus most on. how are you preserving your energy this weekend?

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I’ve heard a time or two, women say before they have children, “i won’t let having a kid change me.” but the truth is, you do change. motherhood isn’t some vacation you take, post a few highlights on social media, then go about your normal routine. the moment you become a mother, something magical happens; every fiber of your being is changing, reshaping to be a different (usually better) person. •
because of reagan, i’m better than who i was. a better teacher, better listener, & definitely a better cook. i’m more patient, less selfish, & i love in a deeper way. •
this little person i’ve created has molded me into a better person. i love this version of me. while my son challenges me, he’s also helping me grow. motherhood is an all-in experience, one that lasts a lifetime, so why shouldn’t it change you?

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A poem about saturday✨
strolling through the arboretum carefully listening to which plants call our souls.
you gravitate to chamomile & i daydream of the fresh blossoms we’ll pick & dry & sip, reciting lines from yeates & oliver.
the plants must whisper to you, as you knowingly s****e the leaves of the last pink peony bush mama has been desperate to find.
little fingers brush across lamb’s ear & tiny forget-me-not petals as if to say “forget-this-moment-not, this magical season of just us & the springtime blooms.” 🌷

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For me, motherhood is wearing my hair up for the rest of my life. it’s endless amounts of laughter, poop, & laundry. motherhood is buying everything that’s organic & all-natural because baby deserves only the best. it’s exasperated sighs of, “just go to sleep”, then missing them when they finally do. motherhood is constantly buying more memory space for photos. motherhood is exhausting, profound, unimaginable happiness... a dream i live & am so so grateful for 🧡

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Sweet spring mornings measured only by your sweet dimples hands grasping for apples at the fruit stand, the wood chips on the playground, my hand as we run toward the next adventure. this reverie i wish to never wake from ✨

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I’ve had a lovely day crammed full of crafts, cuddles, hugs & “happy mother’s day mama”. wishing all the mamas out there a loving mother’s day 💕

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) on days when you feel like you can’t get everything done...on mornings when your third (cold) cup of coffee just isn’t doing it...on nights when you wonder how on earth you’ll function, let alone care for your children tomorrow because you’re just so tired...i feel you.
you’re not alone.
on rough (but glorious) days of being a mother & raising our family we love, let’s remember:
1. how far we’ve come in our motherhood journey
2. how lucky we are to be healthy
3. how fortunate we are to be here in this moment with our children
4. how special it is to be loved by such little humans & the family that surrounds us

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