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Driving through the neighborhoods, from cold walks towards hot cocoa; hearing a repeated, “oh look!” from the backseat as little blue eyes widen with christmas wonder at lit up houses & lawn ornaments.🎄

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I love everything about the holidays, but possibly my most favorite is a long held tradition in my home - listening to john henry faulk’s christmas story. this sweet tale about a boy & his christmas orange will give you all the feels & remind you exactly what christmas is all about. i’ve added the link in my newest blog post along with a tutorial for christmas orange garland!

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Advent boxes, gingerbread crumbs, “chawie brown” & ornaments. a few of baby’s favorite yuletide things.

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We celebrated 4 years together this week. & by celebrated i mean pete was bedridden with the stomach flu & i spent the day disinfecting the house 😷. but our life together is so good. we have held hands in the darkest valleys & celebrated the highest highs. we have grown as individuals, making us stronger together. i was told once, “you have to want to be married, not just want to get married”, & honey i can’t wait to get & be married to you ❤️❤️❤️

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Someone was so proud of himself for spotting the knit pattern on his sweater 🧡 & he should be, seeing as last week’s tot-school was all about patterns! week 2 is now in the books & on the blog. link in the bio.

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You fell asleep on me today & it occurred to me that this glorious moment has not happened in quite some time. in between days of growing & learning & playing & wandering, you stopped sleeping on my chest. it is now that i find myself experiencing what it means when they say, “it doesn’t last forever”.
already i find myself torn, in constant tug of war with mind & heart. i daydream of all the things i can’t wait for us to do, yet i long for those days when you napped only in my arms, beads of sweat of your brow as your eyelids fluttered deep in sweet baby dreams. breathing in your scent: milk & lavender, notes of detergent from freshly laundered knits.
as you rustled & moved away from my outstretched arms trying to coerce you back to my heart, i found myself silently praying that this isn’t the very last time.

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Lovely morning walk to the library. tiny, chilly hands (that refuse to wear more than one mitten) clutching a coloring page given to us by our postmaster during our weekly stop-in. wooden puzzles solved & yuletide books packed up & checked out as we make our way home to warm up with hot cocoa & a cuddle.

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As much as this beautiful old stair rail would look so ig worthy dressed up in thick garland, the reality is it wouldn’t last three seconds with our cat.

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A dreaming boy on the dreamiest bed linens 🌹

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Don’t mind me, just quality testing these chocolate crinkle cookies & homemade cinnamon hot cocoa. it’s beginning to feel a lot like christmas in our home 🎄

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Skipped our weekly play group to frolic through a sea of leaves, braving the brisk wintery wind that makes your lungs come alive.

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With all the rain we’ve had, it’s been difficult to get into the christmas spirit. so when i saw a few flurries today, you can bet we threw on our christmas tops, cranked up burl ives, & started decorating the house 🎄

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