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Wishing these flowers were real & in my garden. 💐it’s that time during the winter that i’m planning our garden, what seeds to plant, & where we’ll need to expand. is anyone else gardening this year? what are you most looking forward to planting? for me it’s black nebula carrots & a pollinator garden!

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The thought of everything that has happened (& hasn’t happened) in my life & your daddy’s & all those who came before us; hundreds of years of roads not taken, the paths forged, trails blazed, mountains conquered. 💫 i will never not marvel at how everything, everything, everything has led us to you. ✨

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Does anyone else implement a calendar for their toddler? 🗓 like most children, reagan thrives on routine & he asks every morning what we’re going to do. so i created this one from magnets & a dry erase board in order to set daily expectations, along with learning the days of the week & weather. it’s a huge hit! he looks forward to changing the magnets every morning & because it’s dry erase, we can switch it up as he grows! 😊😊

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Sending love to all the tired mamas out there who’ve got a baby on the hip & coffee in hand. & cheers if that coffee is hot!

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This week’s homeschool subject is all about l-o-v-e. we’re celebrating by reading some books dear to our hearts (like this one that my mama read to me 👆🏻), & showing our friends we love them by making valentine’s ❤️ also a recap from our grocery store themed week is now up on the blog + a fun “fruit stamp” project! 🍊 link in the bio.

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Happy saturday friends!! these insta-flowers are for all my mamas out there who encourage & help each other through caffeine-fueled, poop-covered, tantrum screaming days! 🌻 what would we do without this wonderful village? tag your mama bestie so we can share the love 💛

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It was one of those days where we had to leave for home early because we experienced our first full-blown, kicking & screaming public temper tantrum. oof. hoping an early nap will give way to an easier afternoon. home has a lovely way of resetting overwhelming feelings & bringing us back to our center. to every other mama who’s experiencing a tough morning, go gentle on yourself. this season too shall pass.

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Whoever said “money can’t buy happiness” has obviously never seen reagan in the @target yogurt section 😂

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To all the new faces here, hello! thank you for following along.
i’m mercedes, an infj, eannagram 4, & gemini
a professional introvert, minimalist, & nature lover 🌿
passionate about baking, photography, & homeschooling a gentle boy 🧡

fun fact: i actually really love doing laundry. it’s so zen for me 🧺😂

welcome to my little squares, friends. introduce yourself below with a fun fact about yourself!

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Self-care means buying yourself your own darn flowers simply because it’s tuesday 💐

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@target for the win again 💛 i came across these felt alphabet pieces & created used our own alphabet note cards to create a matching game! what fun ways do you incorporate learning?

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