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Met inspirational, humble, uhmazing people yesterday. thank you @wearem.i.n for organizing this cool event and invited me. thank you @jahied for these really cool shots!!

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What a pretty scarf! this one is from @callandahijab x @puterihasanahkarunia ♥️♥️

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Got new jackets from @armagangiyim_en. they are istanbul based brand who makes high quality coats, jackets, parkas, u name it! i normally don’t wear any jacket than black or grey. but this time i couldn’t resist 🤪. . u can use my code gita15 to shop on their website 🍕🍕🍕

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Parking lot

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Stay warm and treat your skin with @mdglowingskin because they always listen to your skin 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️

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I spend most of my time eating and thinking what food i should eat-savory or sweet. i normally ended up eating both. . . @syo.official x @natasharizkynew

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@rafflesiaofficial ♥️♥️

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@partohaps became oppa-oppa

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Mba @hannafaridl and i wearing @happaofficial. do you love the dress as much as i do? go to coz they’re on sale 🔥🔥 . use my code hijupxgitasav as alwayz

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After 1 week break, comes the exam preparation 😂 . snowy shawl from @hijabprincess

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I decided to come home yesterday from new york because my favorite ustadz was coming to berlin. all my life there wasn’t anyone whose preaching style fitted my preference. but nak is different. i discovered him around three years ago when i stumbled upon one of his videos on youtube. then i watched another one, another one and another one. until i didn’t realize how inspiring they were. the way he approched islam is like no other. his khutbah never made me feel bad about what a bad muslim example i am. instead, his talk about the quran never fails to amaze me. it motivated me to learn more and more because i realized i knew nothing. thanks to his videos, i decided to wear this hijab in 2015. . i adore how he could change my mentality. to focus on me and islam only. instead of blaming the westerners, blaming the media who often victimize islam and muslim, he asked us to reflect on ourselves. he told us to ask ourselves whether we are now the best representation of this beautiful religion. that night his talk hit me so hard. he said, the way muslims live now is so far from islam. we got muslim leaders, but they corrupt. we are muslims, but we don’t act like we are. we attack other muslims, calling each other kufaar. we lie, we backbite, we steal, we hate each other. we blame the firaun outside our people , yet there are some firaun among us. . and yesterday i finally came up to him to say thank you. he might not know how big his influence is to my life and to paul, too. he might not know how his talk about ayatul kursi has left the biggest impact on me. hopefully allah azza wa jalla blesses him and his family, always protects him and grants him jannah. . 📷: @anragram

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Wasn’t holding a cup of coffee because i prefer tea 🤪 . . - scarf: @herbyfebruary - top: @cottonink - overall: @bellissima_id . all items are available on pakek hijupxgitasav jangan lupa biar dapet kortingan 👍🏻👍🏻 . 📷: @irfanfaqih3 . #hijuptravel #hijuponnyfw

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Brooklyn bridge as the background, wearing my favorite ria miranda essential scarf @inforiamiranda. available on! . use my code hijupxgitasav to get idr 50.000 off ☺️ . #hijuptravel

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Mandatory . #hijuptravel

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The sun was finally out yesterday! bringing along my @mdglowingskin sunscreen is a must😜

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Wooooooow 🤪🤪 . 📷: @fuadiyahya

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