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Georges Niang 3⃣2⃣ for the Indiana Pacers.Happy to be livin! So I'm livin my life to the fullest! MASSACHUSETTS BORN.
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Rookie year in the books! learned a ton this year on this journey excited to get back to work this summer and continue this wonderful journey!

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Can't wait to be "home" in a few months july 18-19. 2 days on court 9am-4pm. working hard & getting better!!

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Game 2 tonight!!! hardly home but always reppin!!!

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Always thankful for the times i get to spend with you mom! ❤️

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The motherland!!

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Mlk couldn't have said it better!

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Sometimes it's cool to take a step back from your life and get lost in exploring history! #mlk

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Happy birthday to someone who's been like my sister @kenziegaudet hope you enjoy your day!!

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Bringing it way back! happy birthday to my bro @turner_myles enjoy the day!!!

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Thank you for being you! i love you mom!

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A kid from massachusetts living out a dream!!

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Indy dancin in march!

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