The Secret Life Of Troja Roaming unwalked trails in the Norwegian Wilderness exploring and capturing moments about the Secret life of Troja.
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Stars can’t shine without darkness...and yes i’m referring to myself

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At first you had my curiosity but now you have my attention

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Group photo with my friends

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A single smile can melt the coldest heart and empty the deepest pocket with treats. [swipe to see animation]
also presets giveaway in the insta story!

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Prime purpose of a bird dog caught in action

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Sandy paws and salty kisses

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Soaked from top to bottom in this pond we found in the middle of the forrest. remember to stay hydrated in this summer heat floofs

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Taking " one with nature" to the next level.

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Soaking wet and muddy paws or as we dogs like to call it, spa day.

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Floof & ferns

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"sticking" together

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Words are overrated.
- dogs

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