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Alexa, play “i wanna go home” by sandy cheeks
s/o to @turbotater for showing me around texas and taking me to waffle house. grateful to have such an amazing friend across the country 💘

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Feeling very grateful today, still can’t believe i just spoke on a panel to hundreds of people at sxsw with @cynthiabtwf @azaaza + @dlk.

i hope i helped more people know that it’s okay to have conversations about mental health and talk about it in the open. genuine conversations help decrease stigma and validate others going through similar experiences. social media may make people’s mental illness worse, but it doesn’t cause mental illness. we need to find a way to make social media & tech a better place for everyone’s mental health.

big thank you to @airtimeapp for inviting me to be a part of this conversation and giving me a platform to talk about something i’m eternally passionate about.

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Feeling myself ⚡️

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Sit down, be @bumble 🐝

so happy to be a @bumble honey campus ambassador for the spring!


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You can find me in my room this weekend avoiding the weather

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Wishing i was down under with my pal arthur again 🦘

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Where we dropping boys?

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Can’t believe how fast these past three months have gone by, see you later melbourne 🇦🇺🤙🏼
(s/o to @anawigmore for being my photographer)

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Double f*****g down under with joyce 🤠🐨🦘🇦🇺

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Why live on the edge when you can jump off

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Found out that koalas sleep for 16 hours a day just like me 🐨

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