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Taught to make it happen on the backend,
i done pop some bars
now i’m batman, yah!!!

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I always remember my pain,
cause when i almost gave up
that was all that kept me going💯 #pain #itzfuz3

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“catch a cloud
just to ease the pain
but even that
can’t match the pressure
of this window pain” -fuz3 da 🐐

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Taking off like a rocket, olajuwon...hakeem🚀

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I’m putting everything i didn’t exhaust in my previous years on the line to be sure that your future is secured, i love you with more than all my heart baby sis believe that...& no female will ever come before you #ipromise #bigbrotgershit #babysis #loveofmylife #mymotivation #mypurpose #mypassion #myjoy #myeverything #giftfromgod

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“whoever said that i couldn’t...and tried to change my path, well now i’m winning nigga...i hope you understand...” -fuz3 da’ goat

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Happy birthday to my dawg, have fun guy ✊🏾💯🎊

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Life can be a great adventure if you stop every once in a while and pose next to the plants🤙🏾🌎

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