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Camping trips under the stars with great company.🌌beyond ready to spend most of my summer in the mountains and to live out of a backpack again.🎒

comment 250 star 29,334 23 hours ago

Wanderlust vibes for days. 🗺
canada always makes me want to pack my bags and head out for an adventure. 🇨🇦 can’t wait to be back.

comment 317 star 30,998 Yesterday

Found a good boy, definitely taking him home.🐶

comment 393 star 33,386 3 days ago

Forever dreaming of tranquil moments like this one. 💫

comment 234 star 20,841 4 days ago

Congrats you’re the winner of the @sackclothxashes giveaway 💙 they’ll contact you shortly ☺️ thanks for everybody who entered!

comment 1,614 star 30,661 6 days ago

Going through old images always gets me super excited. first tripod selfie from that trip. the struggle was real. 🥶
see you soon! 🇮🇸

comment 373 star 33,307 1 weeks ago

Swiss chocolate, mountain views and sunsets. 🍫

comment 354 star 30,425 2 weeks ago

And my favorite colour is..💫

comment 399 star 32,414 2 weeks ago

Happy strolls through the dolomites. winter is slowly arriving here and the mountains are looking different and mysterious.
did you know you know that lago do braies freezes and you can walk on it during winter?🥶

comment 353 star 36,785 2 weeks ago

Gatorade lake when the first snow hit and the water wasn’t frozen yet. ❄️
an experience i won’t forget. 🇨🇦

comment 552 star 40,684 2 weeks ago

Time is like the wind.
it lifts the light and leaves the heavy. 🌬

comment 363 star 37,631 3 weeks ago

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. ☁️ a little late but i hope everyone had a great start to 2019, make it count! 🙌

comment 474 star 37,349 3 weeks ago