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One generous world war ii veteran and “regular customer” at chick-fil-a recently paid a good deed forward in honor of his 92nd birthday, footing a $1,500 bill for active-duty service members and military families at a california location of the chicken-centric chain. edmund rusinek says when he was a draftee training in 1945, "an elderly gentleman stepped up to us and asked, ‘can you do me a favor? will you let me buy your lunch? if you want to thank me, pass it down.’” forever inspired by the kind deed, rusinek says that he’s been “passing it down” ever since.

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A statue depicting the iconic photo of a sailor kissing a dental assistant at the end of world war ii was tagged with the words “#metoo” on monday night, according to florida police. the city of sarasota has since reported that the vandalism has been removed from the statue.

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Inspiring: a four-year-old boy in a wheelchair had some fun on a trampoline in a sweet moment that has gone viral. “i didn’t even think it was possible that a wheelchair could jump on a trampoline. yeah, it’s really cool," said the boy's mom. the inspiring moment took place at tnt kids fitness in fargo, north dakota during the gym's giving hearts day, a 24-hour charitable event in which donations are allocated to local charities.

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Tune in: lara trump joins 'hannity' tonight at 9p et on fox news channel.

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Sen. bernie sanders announced tuesday he will make another bid for president by entering the already crowded 2020 race, as he tries to rekindle the grassroots energy from his 2016 primary run against hillary clinton.

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Just in: dodgers great don newcombe died tuesday after a lengthy illness, the team said in a statement. he was 92.

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A group of good samaritans are being hailed as heroes after rescuing a woman from a burning vehicle in louisiana on monday after it was struck by a suspected d***k driver.

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Hillary clinton took to twitter on monday to slam president donald trump for declaring a national emergency along the united states southern border.

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Supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg returned to the bench on tuesday, eight weeks after undergoing surgery for lung cancer.

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A mountain lion is pictured in a tree outside a private residence in the city of hesperia, california. san bernardino county fire officials say the mountain lion was perched about 50 feet up the tree. state wildlife personnel tranquilized the animal, and firefighters lowered it to the ground using a rescue harness.

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Good boy: a very helpful pup in massachusetts pitched in to help his owner shovel after a snow storm hit the boston area on monday.

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The super snow moon sets behind the statue of liberty. (📷: @garyhershorn )

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