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Heartwarming: a california mom surprised her two daughters with an early homecoming after being deployed in iraq for much of the past year.

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Senator chuck grassley on wednesday unloaded a torrent of criticism on sen. dianne feinstein for her handling of the s****l assault accusations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh.

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Incredible: a stunning display of southern lights were captured over antarctica recently.

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In a fox news opinion piece, @newtgingrich lays out his favored republican strategy for the 2018 elections.

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When an off-duty army specialist in massachusetts spotted a woman trapped in her car surrounded by water, he quickly sprung into action to save her.

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While visiting a north carolina aid distribution center, a boy asked president donald #trump for a hug.

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Photo of the day: the sun rises behind the u.s. capitol in washington at dawn.

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Tonight: secretary of state mike pompeo sits for an exclusive interview with laura ingraham. tune in to “the ingraham angle” at 10p et on fox news channel!

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Tammy and olen gill attend a candlelight vigil for their daughter, kade gill, who was killed when a tree fell onto their home sunday during high winds and rain from florence near dallas, north carolina.

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An american flag flies in the wind as the cape fear river rises to near record heights in the aftermath of florence in fayetteville, north carolina on monday.

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Hillary clinton on tuesday predicted that president donald j. trump will "wholesale fire people" following november's midterm elections.

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Watch: a trio of whales wowed onlookers with a rare triple breach.

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