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Update on our collaboration with @brettkernart ! two new dinos has joined the gang.😃❤️🦖 they came out of the kiln beautifully and rushed for a family portrait. the date of the the release of these b***s hasn’t been decided yet and our collaboration with @brettkernart is not overquite yet . let do a quick popularity contest and find out which one is loved the most. we’d love to hear from you! happy sunday! #dracarys🔥
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It’s another beautiful saturday on orcas island and we are all set up. we brought some of our new work for this farmers market. is there a piece you wish you could snag? most of this work is not available on the website and we are working hard to set up our next website update, monday may 27. dm if you’d like to inquire a piece or two. i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ❤️
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We’ve completed few doubled walled pieces for our upcoming website update on monday, may 27 at 2 pm pst. i’ve designed my prototypes to fit perfectly, allowing airspace in between the exterior and interior piece. preview of all available work will be sent with our monthly newsletter the day before the sale and giveaway winners will be picked from our subscribers list. we are so excited to show you all what we’ve been up to! thank you all for your continuous love and support! ❤️🙏

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So excited to finally have a small batch of glaciers and lavas. @valeri_aleksandrov made few new shapes this time and three pieces didn’t make it through the texturing process. it’s is extremely hard to brush through layers of colored porcelain and not c***k the piece. and we never know what to expect until we open up the kiln. we have 14 pieces total including two large columns vases in each style, one lava budvase, a glacier planter and 10 cups. we are working h*****n finishing one last batch of marbled and carved work to fire before we are ready to send our newsletter to all our email subscribers. make sure you are on the list to receive a preview the day before the sale. thank you all filling along! we appreciate your love and support. ❤️🙏 🌋 🔥 .
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🌈💧🌈 today the rain is back on orcas island, but this rainbow drip rainbow set brightened my day, fresh out of the kiln! it’s been about a year since the last iteration of this set, there will hopefully be 2 full sets this year, and definitely some sold as singles. some of the colors are more prone to warping, and we’ve ended with a number of seconds from this endevour! hoping for 2 sets of 8 that have no issues... a labor of love, as always, and a photobombing puppy, as always!!! 😂 #🌈💧 #rainbowdrips #forestceramic #coloredporcelain #rainbowset #cupset #limitedseries #orcasisland #handmadeceramics

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My problem with planters is i always end up using them for my own plants! 😯 i am trying to get planters back into the production rotation, spring is time for them! i hope to have at least a few for the next website update at the end of the month. which colors or designs would you want for a planter? @valeri_aleksandrov might even be making a glacier one... ❄️❄️ #forestceramic #handmade #planter #ceramicplanter #coloredporcelain #spring #mayflowers #orcasisland #rainbows #vase #ceramics #smallbusinessowner

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I couldn’t be happier with how these two turned out! i can’t decide if i like the white exterior more then the black. do you think they should be offered as a set or release them individually? we are getting close to our next update and will make sure to follow up with exact date soon! i will be sending our newsletter the day before the sale with a preview of all available work. stay tuned and thank you for following along!❤️🙏
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Couldn’t wish for a better weather to bring my work to our second @orcasislandfarmersmarket . i love meeting everyone who walks into the booth, whether they have seen my work before or not. if you’re on orcas island come say hello any saturday!! it feels like summer already! ☀️🌞 ❤️
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*workshops announcement**
so excited to be headed back to @claybythebaysf for four workshops this year! the first two will be moldmaking in late august, and following up with two slipcasting in november (follow @claybythebaysf and sign up on their website). half of the spots are already sold. last year’s filled up too fast, with lots of interest from others, so we are doubling up this year!! we all had so much fun learning and making in their amazing studio in san francisco, i absolutely cannot wait for these 4 workshops already! i hope to meet you all, sign up soon as space is limited! #forestceramic #moldmaking #slipcasting #workshops #claybythebaysf #ceramicworkshop #coloredporcelain #mouldmaking #porcelainslip

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Marblacadabra 🧙‍♂️🧚‍♂️🎩 here is a little snippet of my process demolding all three of my bowl shapes. i get a lot of questions about glazing. i mix mason stains and @uspigment to my porcelain slip to achieve my marbled and layered pieces. i only use clear glaze for the interior of my work. the color is in the porcelain and that’s what creates the colorful look. it’s a labor of love and each piece comes out with unique pattern. in the last 8 years i be been developing my marbling techniques and the possibilities here are unlimited! thank you all of you who joined our page in the last 48 hours! we are so happy to share our ceramic shenanigans with you all!
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A little teaser of the new rainbow strata design. what do you all think? #feelingblue 🌈 💜

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We want to give a giant welcome to all our new followers! if you’re new around here, a fun fact about us is we strive to regularly dive into exploration and develop new surface designs, so we keep prototypes of some of our work as a constant reminder of what we’ve achieved. there are unlimited possibilities with colored porcelain, and that’s best part of our time spent in the studio! the best way to stay updated about what we’re up to in the studio is to sign up for our e-mail list. link in bio to sign up! we send our newsletter every month and pick a random winner from all of our subscribers. we have a feeling that we won’t get away with just a single in-mail giveaway and already brainstorming of what we are going to offer in the upcoming weeks. may be i will part with a piece from my own collection? comment your favorite bellow! thank you all so much for following along!❤️🙏🥰

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