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Our festive qunioa is always a hit. check this free recipe out on our youtube channel foodfornegus

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Cooking for an event while prepping for philly. blame @naboogie and @tweetmackphilly for the music 😂

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I’ve never seen a more beautiful batch of oyster mushrooms. they’re literally a work of art. i don’t even want to eat them 😩😂

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From grenada to nyc to philly. soursop is finally here and will be at tomorrow’s event in philly. hope to see you all tomorrow

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Drove miles just to get the freshest oyster mushrooms. it was the last box talk about divine timing. 😂philly i hope you all are ready for some crispy electric chickun

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Fresh dates on the stem 😋

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Gorgeous batch of produce heading to philly. baby bananas are my absolute favorite. should we add these?

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This sunday we’re heading to philly with fresh fruits, seamoss, and delicious meals made with love by your favorite electric chefs @jhmalik @theartivist_. and i. this will be on the menu along with our, mac no cheese, kale greens, chickpea mash you name it. we will be at @naboogie holiday pop up shop from 11-6 at 2101 e norris st, philadelphia, pa 19125. philly are you ready? limited supplies so show up and show out.
these yummy mushrooms were created by @jhmalik . do you like your mushrooms extra crispy? comment below to cast your vote

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Not only are we bringing fresh organic soursop from grenada.your favorite electric chefs @jhmalik @theartivist_ and i will also bring our mac no cheese to philly this sunday. we will be at @naboogie holiday pop up shop at 2101 e norris st, philadelphia, pa 19125 from 11-6. food and produce will be limited so it’s while supplies last. i’m soo excited to meet you all 💃🏿💃🏿.

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“fluoride, a known neurotoxin, is added to 75 percent of the nation’s municipal water systems – meaning it is being ingested by over 200 million americans. but, once again, the plant kingdom has an answer and its name is tamarind.
in a 2002 study published in european journal of clinical nutrition, researchers found that a third of an ounce of tamarind fruit given to healthy boys for 18 days enhanced urinary excretion of fluoride – in amounts that researchers called “significant.”
in a later study, tamarind again demonstrated its ability to clear the body of fluoride. researchers first caused decreased fluoride elimination in a group of adolescent boys from a fluoride-endemic area by supplying them with defluorinated water. one group of boys was also given tamarind to eat for three weeks. the team noted that the tamarind group experienced additional excretion of fluoride as compared to the control group – demonstrating that tamarind could help to mobilize deposited fluoride from bone.
while tamarind’s most unusual benefit is its ability to remove toxic fluoride from your body, it can also help to prevent and alleviate chronic disease. its seed extracts have been shown in studies to target and destroy inflammatory chemicals such as interleukin, giving it the ability to reduce inflammation, swelling and joint pain – making it a boon to those with osteoarthritis.”
source health365

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Must have for every household. here’s why ?

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Here’s the fruits we are receiving for shipment this saturday. we have limited space due to the mode of transportation so which should we bring to philly? we will definitely bring the soursop so the other options are 1. sapodilla 2.burro 3. key limes 5. tamarind. cast your vote below

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