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When my friends txt me photos they’ve taken i just assume it’s unspoken permission to share them with all of you. this one is by @mrhollender above the tetons.

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Today feels like one of those days where you excited to jump out of bed and thrilled to be alive. the energy feels good today. summer is settling in and it feels like it’s going to be a good one. today’s favorites are 1) @jontaylorsweet 2) @eastolivia 3) @thekitchenmccabe 4) @melodyjoyco 5) @jwirtalla

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Some summers call for coming from the the waterfalls and mountains and foggy mornings of the pnw for sunsets on the coast. a leisurely sunday took us out to fire island off the coast of long island to explore with @betterrugged. the island is an oasis where cars and judgement aren’t allowed. everyone is free to be themselves and share in a community that was built on the idea of being an escape from the city. these are a few images i took of the sunset on sunday before we headed back to the main land.

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A rainy tuesday here in new york city makes digital inspiration of pleasant distant lands all that more appealing. today favorites are 1) @angelaliggs 2) @sistergoldenshop 3) @thekitchenmccabe 4) @benwaugh 5) @kylekotajarvi

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Long summer weekends spent exploring the countryside, getting lost on winding backroads, sunsets slowly falling beneath the westward mountains, a breeze in the air to calm the late june’s humidity are all the kinds of images that we dream of while working all week. a table set atop the hill...with the delaware river in the distance, the old barns tucked into the pennsylvania hillsides, and a surrounding orchard are destined to make bucolic dreams come true. over the weekend we joined @thefarmhouseproject for their first dinner of the summer season. today on the blog i share a few of my favorite photos from the evening.

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Some summer weekends are magical moments that make the weeks spent behind desks and in offices worth it. cheers to many more weekends to come..and to making the mondays a bit better. photo by @j.scud

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@windypeakvintage was one of the very first ig accounts i started following back in 2013. it seems like an absolute lifetime ago. her imagery from the western us has always enchanted me. the landscapes remind me of what i envisioned little laura ingalls seeing each day (i know realize laura lived in the very flat plains). when i stepped in to guest edit @wherewomencook’s slow living issue i was hellbent on including @windypeakvintage . i am so glad i did. the issue is on newsstands for just one more week. i hope you’ll take a moment to check it out.

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I do know that life is bested lived with the windows down, on back roads and along countrysides, and with a decent amount of sweet tea. not too much or you’ll get the dialetus, not too many biscuits and gravy or you’ll get too fat…but just enough to keep your veins well lubricated with lard and sugar and old fashioned sweetness. life is intended to be spent outdoors. life is supposed to be spent acknowledging and celebrating the different seasons, the clouds, the sun, and yes even the rain. the rainy seasons prepare us for the sunny summers ahead. today on this first day of summer i am thankful for those rainy seasons, i am thankful for rain coats, rubber boots, and the occasional splashing in puddles and mud. (i wrote this as part of yesterday’s blog post. link in profile/story) photo by @thejeffrose in arkansas.

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Last summer i stopped into @fount’s cleveland studio to photograph them for @wherewomencreate. the issue is now off newsstands and sold out so i thought i’d share the full story on my website. in the story co-founder jackie shares her story and i share a few of my favorite images from the day. when we talk about the quality of american made....fount continually sets the bar higher and higher with everything they do. the link is in my profile and i’ll share on in story.

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Sometimes you just have to listen to the crashing of the waves and allow it to envelope all the noise of life. the eternal crashing of the waves, a sound, an energy, and a motion that will outlast us all. this morning felt like a good reminder of that. photo by @victorofgalapago

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Hi! so i feel like i should maybe introduce myself. somewhere in the past week i celebrated my sixth year of having this ig account. in that time my life has changed more than i could ever dream of. the highs have been amazing. the lows have been miserable. the friendships, the opportunities, and the lessons i will carry with me for the rest of my all of that time i’ve realized i’ve kinda taken myself out of the voice behind all of this. goes...i am i am a kid (well i’m 29 now) from kentucky that now lives in new york. i grew up on an old family farm. i grew up running threw the corn, breaking beans in the garden, learning my history in the farmhouse kitchens, and growing to appreciate all things americana, authentic, and slow. in those years since i’ve balanced a life between adventure and travel and my eternal love of rural settings, slow living, and things being just a little bit old fashioned. i took the past few years off from doing much with folk. i’d burnt out. so i stepped away, lived life, found love, learned a few lessons, and truly learned to appreciate all the opportunities that folk and this community have afforded me. at the beginning of 2019 i knew i was ready to dive back in. i didn’t realize how much tech and digital had changed, but here we are....looking for slow living in a very fast world. i hope you’ll join me on the coming adventures. these are a few photos that i’ve shot that i feel represent me...

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When i came on to guest edit the slow living issue of @wherewomencook i knew i wanted to include a few of my favorite female creatives. the issue is only on newsstands a couple more weeks so now feels like the final opportunity to share the issue with you. today on the website i am sharing a preview of the story with @twocupsflour. each of these images are by her. i am so perpetually inspired by her recipes and by her beautiful visuals of a slower paced southern life. the preview is on the website. i will share a link in my story. the issue is now available at all @barnesandnoble most @loweshomeimprovement and @booksamillion stores.

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