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Did you know... the fitlight trainer™ provides immediate feedback on the tablet controller? click on the link in the bio for a quote!

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These suicide sprint drills are not only great for cardio, but helps you improve your agility on the court! click the link in our bio or email with the promo code #flbball17 for a discount! north america only.

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@stephencurry30 now owns four of the top five 3-point seasons in nba history 👏🏀

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Save on the fitlight trainer! email us at with the promo code #flbball17 to receive a discount! offer open to north american residents only.

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Tonight is the world baseball classic championship! who are you cheering for? here's another great way how #fitlight can enhance your training for a range of sports including baseball! click the link in our bio to get a pricing quote. ⚾️⚾️⚾️

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This week, our featured trainer @djezfit focuses on box jumps and scissor kicks with the #fitlight trainer. exercise 1: reaction time!! that is what we want to see with the box. jumps using fitlight. it’s a very good exercise to train explosiveness, coordination, balance and rhythm. exercise 2: this exercise is for more skilled athletes. the drill will strengthen your hip flexors. djezfit uses fitlight so the athletes’ muscles, that are used for soccer, get extra attention.

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Keep your brain healthy and discover how the fitlight trainer™ can help your cognitive training.

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Some of steph curry's favourite training tools via @acceleratebball and @degreemen 💪💪 big thanks to @stephencurry30 for the shoutout!!!! 🏀#seethelight

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Happy st. patrick's day! 🍀

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"we work with athletes who rely on visual and motor reaction speed not only for performance, but for their safety. the fitlight has been an important component of our motorsports program since it was introduced. we now see several motorsports trainers around the world using the fitlight and take pride in the introduction of this concept." –jim leo, president and founder @pitfittraining

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Keep your brain healthy and discover how the #fitlight trainer™ can help your cognitive training.

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Let's go #firstfour! the #fitlight trainer is key for many athletes in assisting with reaction training drills. here's a look at how @trainao incorporates the fitlight trainer in drills. click the link in our bio for a quote or to learn more!

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