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Fresh pic of sephora aka ms. san antonio wow factor 😱 and she’s available for a steal please dm if you’ll like to add her to your family she’s 8 months old and ready to spice up your camp don’t 😴 invest into a dog and with a breeder who will teach you how to breed her if you need a helping hand don’t invest with wrong person and get scammed

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Good morning yall, my kennel partner has this nice blue fawn male open for stud he’s asking first overall pick pup back , as you can see this boy is nice and lacks nothing if you wanna make the move dm me and i’ll give you his number

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You want thick body? micro exotic? bounce back and will be in heat in 3 months? then betty is for you as you can see she’s not taller than my steps 🤔😎😱 , excuse the tissue we not dirty people 🤣........dm me if you’re ready to make the move

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Good morning yall, here’s a side view of grace honestly i can’t believe she’s still here it’s crazy here genes 🧬 will spit everything you’re looking for dm me if you’re interested in her

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R.i.p buck boy didn’t even get to impact the city , i lost a few dogs just this year so far and yall wonder why i seen stuck i take more ls then any breeder i know, now i’m taking a break

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My son po mannnnn age hit him but he still producing and going strong love you og

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So my homie trusted the ☝🏾 and only po to run to his mateo daughter and i must say it clicked nicely so far so good have the only female in the litter available for 1500 dm me if you’re interested usbr reg

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🤔 do yall see it too? grace lookin like her mama and she’s still available too dm me, she’s not as tall as she looks in the pics soon i’ll capture her truly you’ll see

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☝🏾 of the faces of f*t boi’z bully’z 🍭🍬🍭🍬 it’s almost her turn 👀

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Good morning yall, allow me to introduce yall to fbb’z victoria aka v2 she was once known as carbon copy aka cc and owned by @caitlinrae316 produced right here and i can’t thank the homie @caitlinrae316 enough for allowing me to get her back she’s off of fbb’z victoria secret x r.i.p one-way , i want my big pockets back they worked best for me so stay tuned yall

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Good morning yall, look at this sexy beast roaming the yard 🍭🍬🍭🍬

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Yessir she’s tiny af yall don’t 😴 she’s still available

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