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Need i say more

comment 6 star 32 2 days ago

Fbb’z/gtbz bizzy bein famous aka grace my lil ace in tha hole cant wait to get a litter off her i promise she gonna be a true producer 👀

comment 2 star 41 3 days ago

My son mad maxx want some lovin valentines day is less than a week away and what’s better than frenchie ❤️ dm me stud deal $500 paid in full or $200 and ☝🏾st pick pup back (until the 3/01/19)

comment 0 star 33 6 days ago

What you b*****s want from a n***a 😎🤠🤔

comment 9 star 55 1 weeks ago

Fbb’z 🍭🍬sweet tooth 🍭🍬 gotta love this girl she’s short ,decent structure, bone, wide, and thick af a must see in person 😎🤠

comment 7 star 53 2 weeks ago

Good morning yall, my boy buck stacked on the table looking handsome he’s open for stud 1,000 for the next few females then he’s going up to 2k akc reg dm me if you’re interested in using him

comment 6 star 48 2 weeks ago

Fbb’z sephora holdin it down for the po-line and her pops opie as 6 months old looking pretty sweet she’ll be 7months old soon and pic was taken yesterday 😱🤭

comment 0 star 65 3 weeks ago

If only i would’ve bred her ☝🏾more time i would’ve really f****d up some s**t

comment 2 star 52 3 weeks ago

Opie the hardest dog i’ve ever owned and he’s the hardest in the city but he not my best work so sit back and watch me work 🤠😎

comment 3 star 54 3 weeks ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣 good morning yall

comment 0 star 10 3 weeks ago

This pic hard af

comment 0 star 18 4 weeks ago

So i’m chillin with my homie @noneethegreat and his daughter was outside playing , so i had to take a pic 😎 gotta love it fbb’z

comment 5 star 21 4 weeks ago