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The internet provides information, opportunity and human connection, yet less than half the world has access. we’re proud to announce the successful first test flight of aquila, the solar airplane we designed to bring internet access to people living in remote locations. this innovative plane has the wingspan of an airliner but weighs less than a small car and flies on roughly the power of three b**w dryers — incredible!

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One billion people now use messenger every month. celebrate with us by sending a balloon emoji in any conversation!

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Join us and many others by sharing your support to make universal internet access for everyone in the world a reality. http://www.one.org/connecttheworld #connecttheworld #globalgoals

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Tag your friends who see the world in a different way.

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@internetdotorg is for people like neesha. she has so much potential, but no internet access. get her online, and the world opens up to her like never before.

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Tag your friends who know how to give a great belly rub.

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Tag your friends who make you feel like nothing’s out of reach.

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We created @internetdotorg to connect people like erika and esmeralda. two of the 4.5 billion without internet. just imagine what they could do with it.

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Tag your friends who are there for you through thick and thin.

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Tag your friends who weird you out all the time.

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Tag your friends who know how to give a world-class chin scratch.

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Tag your friends who don’t always think things through.

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Tag your friends who love to party.

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We created @internetdotorg for people like neesha. she’s surrounded by street performers and magicians, but has no access to the internet. with all the things she’s seen and experienced, imagine all that she has to share with the world.

comment 391 star 11,654 March 2015

Tag your friends who show up the second you need them.

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Erika and esmeralda built this robotic arm with no access to the internet. and the internet could have helped. big time. that’s why we created @internetdotorg.

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Tag the friends who push you out of your comfort zone.

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Tag your friends who wear their manliness on their faces.

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Mehtar and mostek invented the windmill. well, not exactly, but they did build one without the internet. imagine what they’d do with it. @internetdotorg by @facebook

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