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I came across "sophie's world" by jostein gaarder some years ago on @samantha_rjsdr's blog. i loved her review of this book, and happened to come across a copy of this book at my local library. i was (if i remember correctly) 15-16 yo at that time. i remember enjoying the initial chapters of the book. post that, i got bored. maybe 15-16 isn't the right age to read a book about philosophy, is it?
but at this crucial year where i leave my teenage days behind and get into the very-real adult world, i need a companion to guide my thoughts and broaden my perspective. and here comes my own copy of sophie's world, which i've been reading slowly and steadily, trying to understand the lessons that alberto knox (and the author) wishes sophie (and the reader) to understand.
i hope this is the first book i review post my hiatus from blogging.
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Do you secretly hope that your child will grow up to be the next bestselling author? do your fingers itch to ensure that your kid writes something more everlasting than the ephemeral homework he/she does everyday?

you can do something other than fret about how english composition books are making your child's literary skills rusty.
presenting to you "writing is fun: a writing activity book" by jeanne perrett (illustrated by sayan mukherjee). a fun activity book for kids of the ages 8+, it will help your child explore his/her talent at inking down thoughts and ideas through the medium of the written word.
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5 /5 stars

for the full review, head over to my blog. link in the bio.

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Yes, #mithilareviewsbooks turns a year old today! (even if it's not exactly visible in the diary entry 🙊) it's been an adventurous one year of book reviewing: i've grown from reading and reviewing books i already owned to accepting book review requests from authors and receiving bookmail from publishers like @bloomsburyindia
@harpercollinsin @speakingtiger . thank you so much for showering me with bookish love! ❤

it's been a steep learning curve, despite the fact that i've already been blogging for approx 3.5 years. why? because this whole arena of book reviews is a different ballgame altogether. on my previous blog, i didn't have to focus much on graphics (stock photos would work just fine for a photography dodo like me). but now, as i'm also a bookstagrammer, the photography aspect of blogging has shown me its necessity. and click by click, i have been getting better at clicking aesthetic photos. i think i've mastered the game of a flatlay photograph! (can we please excuse this one though? it's my special day after all!) 😁

more importantly, the one thing that has really sustained me through this one year is this: the opportunities i get to interact with debut and popular authors on a regular basis, the little buzz i get when the author reads my review of the book and shares it on their social media, the cheerful look of my overloaded bookshelf. 😍

i'd like to take this opportunity to thank some of my ardent supporters since day 1. @sreesha_diva @cookiecrumbsinc thank you for nudging me to read and review books and also ensuring that i could feel less guilty about giving up blogging for a while when i was prepping for an important exam earlier this year ❤

words fail me as i express my gratitude to @andaleebwajid @ekcupcoffee @thebookishbulletin @chitraahanthem @the_food_and_book_life @afew.handpickedthings  for all the ways they have made this journey so much better and fun. cheers! ⭐

thank you to my 1000+ followers. you inspire me to work harder on my bookstagram game and wing it! 🤗❤ here's to many more happy, bookish years ahead, my love 😘

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#mithilareviewsbooks : the lovely bones by alice sebold

rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 stars

this book has been on my tbr since forever. i loved the concept of this book: a ghost narrating the story of the lives that her near and dear ones lead post her death. literally a ghost story. ⏺⏺⏺ susie salmon, a fourteen year old girl, is r***d and murdered on december 6, 1973 in the most brutal fashion. she leaves behind a family comprising of her father jack, her mother abigail, her younger siblings lindsey and buckley. she goes to heaven, which looks like the ideal place she always dreamt of living in. up in her heaven, susie can watch her family and friends from above and follow their lives as if she is still alive. she hovers around them, hiding behind a curtain or lurking in the doorway, as they try to cope with the loss of a daughter, a sister, a friend and a crush.

the lovely bones is an amalgamation of three quarters fantasy and young adult fiction mixed with a quarter of mystery. the mystery is a minor and simple one: is the murderer punished for his crimes? a major chunk of the book focuses on the aftermath of the loss of a loved one, where questions of ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ remain hauntingly unanswered.
read this book if you're into #youngadultbooks and looking for a refreshed perspective about grief, loss and sorrow.
for the full review, head over to the link in my bio!
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Sharing three of the many quotes i loved from the book "circe" by @madeline.e.miller ❤ "circe" by madeline miller is a retelling of the story of circe, the daughter of the titan helios and ocean nymph perse, witch extraordinary of the island aiaia, friend (and much more) of hermes, daedalus and odysseus, mother of telegonus and a lesser goddess.

rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 stars

i recommend this book to everyone: mortal, hero, demigod or god. it is one of the best books that the muses have given to us in 2018.

i buddy read this book with ananya @the_food_and_book_life
❤😘 read my full review of this awesome book by clicking on the link in my bio.

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#mithilareviewsbooks : my gita by devdutt pattanaik

rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 stars

i picked up this book as a reference book for a book review i was working on. and because @vilankar_bhakti is hell-bent on making me well versed with hindu mythology (thanks for lending me the copy, girl! ❤) prior to reading the palace of illusions by chitra banerjee divakaruni and sita by devdutt pattanaik, i have had zero knowledge about hindu mythology. a few anecdotes heard in school or via newspaper articles, that was the extent of my knowledge of this ancient and complex mythology. but thanks to books by devdutt pattanaik, i have been introduced to concepts that i never would have come across before, forget ponder about.
my gita is pattanaik's attempt at understanding the bhagavad-gita. he does not want to be a mere transmitter of the discourse given by krishna to arjuna just before the battle at kurukshetra. we the readers are invited to understand the gita in a thematic format, unlike the traditional verse-by-verse, exhaustive approach of reading and understanding this sacred text.

complete with illustrations, diagrams and easy-to-understand meanings, this book is a newbie's gateway to the gita as well as a refresher to the readers who are already well versed with it.

a must-read! ⭐

i look forward to reading jaya by devdutt pattanaik next 😊

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#bookhaul for the month of august (hopefully the last, because yours truly is broke)

these pre-loved books now belong to my bookshelf:

1. red earth and pouring rain by vikram chandra. this is his debut book, and this edition of the book is a part of the "penguin's 25th birthday" series.

2. the solitaire mystery by jostein gaarder. i still have sophie's world and the christmas mystery on my tbr+bookshelf though.
3. the red tent by anita diamant. this book has been on my tbr since 4 years, right alongside the boston girl

4. i sing the body electric by ray bradbury. ray bradbury has become my auto-buy author, even though i've only read the illustrated man by him. but for a brilliant author, even one book is enough to make a reader swoon.
5. the gates of rome by conn iggulden. a "good" friend recommended this book to me. 😏

6. american born chinese by gene luen yang. this is my first comic book buy, and i really want to read this as soon as possible!

7. inferno by dante alighieri, translation by mary jo bang. damn, this book was love at first sight. i just had to own a copy of this! and of course, this book has been on my tbr too!
#qotd : have you read any of the above books? share your thoughts / mini-review in the comments!

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#mithilareviewsbooks - gita: the battle of the worlds by @sachdev_patel and jemma wayne-kattan, illustrated by soumitra ranade.

rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5 stars

about the book:
11 year old dev’s father has recently passed away. unable to cope with the grief and loss of losing a loved one at a tender age, dev takes the path of lashing out at the people he loves: his mom and younger brother. but that’s about to change, thanks to the entry of a sprite-like being, sanjay.

sanjay tells dev about ‘the battle inside him’ within a b****y kingdom, a battle caused by the wicked prince ego. sanjay wishes to help dev, and hence proposes to enter dev’s body and ask arjun, the great warrior who is also within dev, to fight and win this battle for dev. reluctant and unbelieving, yet, dev gives his assent to sanjay’s idea. the magical being disappears into dev’s spine, and travels along the “the great spinal trail”, on a quest to find arjun among the destruction wreaked by prince ego.

what happens next? will sanjat be successful in his quest? will arjun save the day and dev?

you’ll have to read the book to find out.

link to the full review is in my bio 😊

thank you harpercollins for sending me a review copy of this book! 😎⭐ also, the lumpy gray shapeless thingy on the left is my first diy book sleeve! i made it after watching the youtube tutorial by @kitaabee.keeraa
the pin i have attached to it is the "sorted" pin from @thesouledstore

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Book: the disappearance of sally sequiera by @bhaskarchattopadhyay
rating: ⭐⭐.5 / 5 stars

this book is the third book in the janardan maity series.
mini-review: a ransom note is received for a girl who has not been kidnapped. weird? not 1/3rd as weird as the latter half of the story itself.

link to the full review is in my bio 😊

thank you @hachette_india for sending me a review copy of this book!
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This is the first book i have read about south africa’s anti-apartheid movement. and i will wholly recommend “the architecture of loss” by zainab priya dala to readers who wish to read a heartwrenching account of how this freedom struggle affected the physical and emotional lives of the comrades, their families, their lovers and their children.

the author, zainab priya dala, narrates the story of a fictional character sylverani (sylvie) pillay, an indian doctor and a fierce activist in the anti-apartheid movement and her fractured relationship with her only daughter, afroze (rosie) bhana. this story, though fictional, is rooted in fact.
the story begins at the end: afroze has received news that her mother is inching closing to death’s door. in spite of her bitter and non-existent relationship with her ‘biological’ mother, she travels down to her mother’s home at brighton. rosie’s fancy life as an architect at cape town in the day is a cover for the antidepressant-popping, drug and alcohol consuming wreck she turns into in the night. deep down, the incident of her biological mother abandoning her at the tender age of six keeps reverberating in her mind.

how does an intensely long period of emotional silence get filled with a immense longing to share previously untold stories about the past? does the reconciliation between mother and daughter happen?

you’ll have to pick up your copy of “the architecture of loss” to find out.

read the entire review on my blog, by clicking the link on my bio.

thank you @speakingtiger for sending me a review copy of this book. it was a genuine pleasure reading and reviewing this book 😊

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I know, my accio spells are good enough to attract good books, don't i? and i don't need to attract anything else in my life too, right? 😏😎🙊 happy birthday #harrypotter ! here's my little tribute to the boy who lived.
happy birthday jk rowling, my role model, the only person i'd like to be someday.
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#bookreview of "love and marriage in mumbai" by elizabeth flock. thank you @bloomsburyindia for sending me a review copy of this brilliant book!

genre: non-fiction
rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.5 /5 stars

mini-review of this book: do you need a razor sharp, mirror-clear image of the realities of love and marriage in mumbai? then this is one book you totally should invest in. the author has narrated the story of three couples maya and veer, sabeena and shahzad, parvati and ashok. the author has combined together her experiences of interacting with the couples, along with various forms of communication the couples have had in her absence. nevertheless, the story flows so beautifully, you'd think you were listening in to the love story of your next door neighbours.

to read the entire review, head over to the link in my bio. ❤❤❤ #mithilareviewsbooks #bookstagramindia #unitedbookstagram #marriage #mumbai #indiannonfiction #nonfiction #elizabethflock #booksbooksbooks #bibliophiles #readingissexy

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