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Memories of one of the best days/nights during summer in norway. probably the best day.

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Eltz in a wintery dress from a couple of weeks back. i’m glad that spring is already knocking on the door though and can’t wait for warm weather.
what do you prefer, winter or summer?

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Long roads ahead. oh how i miss norwegian endlessness.

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It was my second time in tenerife and also the second time exploring the island with one of the beautiful t3’s of @vansandsands. went to several new places i haven’t been before, but couldn’t resist going back to this forest where we’ve also been two years before. swipe to see a 2017 vs. 2019.

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The calmness and remoteness of places like this is probably what i liked most about fuerteventura. 8km on a gravel road brought us to this black sand beach, where we stayed for sunset almost all alone.

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Rough waters on the south coast of tenerife

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Lofoten, around 12 am -
how much better must work be in summer for this fisherman heading out during midnight sun instead of complete darkness?

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Deep blue waters & natural rock formations -watching sunrise in mallorca is always a good idea, especially at places like this.

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