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These guys found a super calm place in the mountains to pitch their tent

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Moments at kvalvika beach

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Back to chasing fall colors in switzerland a year ago

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July ‘18 - around 4am
just arrived at lofoten that night after driving for hours. witnessing midnight sun for the first time, we still could not sleep and spent the whole night driving around taking pictures.

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Midnight views on a endless night up in senja

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This place. been there the second time this year and loved it once again. maybe because we got pretty lucky and had the place almost all to ourselves due to a storm forecast.
also this is my first time posting a pano! swipe and let me know what you think about it. got inspired by @thatbloom! go check out his panos aswell!

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Endless nights at arctic beaches

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Fall colors in switzerland

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Reminiscing on these days up in norway, where views like this are common.

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Back to cruising around in this beast with @lennart, @asyrafacha & @linzimda.

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Costa rican jungle vibes

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