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Being presented with ayrton’s helmet in canada meant the world to me. ayrton, equalling your pole position record was a true lifetime honour. god bless 🙏🏽🇧🇷 #ayrtonsennaforever @mercedesamgf1

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ดึกแล้ว เอารูปของกินไปซะ! 555 ชาบูหมาล่า สไตล์เซี่ยงไฮ้ร้อนๆจ้าา 🤣🤣 #9inshanghai

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#twosday (📸: @cliffwatts)

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O presidente do sport, arnaldo barros, anunciou em uma coletiva que está negociando com nelsinho baptista para que ele assuma o lugar de daniel paulista como treinador da equipe. "ele está chegando agora por volta da 13h30 para conversar detalhes e, se deus quiser, será o técnico. existe uma evolução na negociação e que possivelmente será concretizada", disse. baptista já foi treinador do sport no período de 2008-2009. #diariodepernambuco #sport #treinador #danielpaulista #nelsonbaptista

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Take a walk on the wild side 🔮

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é a primeira vez que fico aqui nos estados unidos em dezembro e eu não tô sabendo lidar com esse clima natalino. desculpa pelo overposting diário no stories. é trilha sonora, decoração, evento, etc. amo muito e preciso compartilhar com o mundo - e, principalmente, com a minha mãe.

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I’m currently sitting in a blind in a humid jungle in northern colombia in the sweltering heat trying to film mannequin birds. it’s a waiting game, with lots of time to get lost in your head and giving me the opportunity to reflect on what a year of extremes it’s been. from jungles, dry deserts, arctic, high altitude mountains and nearly everything in the middle, this year has had it all! this photo here is about as polar opposite as my current situation. i shot this in march in #antarctica on assignment for @natgeo @sea_legacy for an up and coming story on krill. to get this photo i swam in slowly to this colony of #adeliepenguins and held position in the freezing water numbly in pain and waiting for them to approach the waters edge to head out to sea for the first time. this job is a labor of love, one with highlights often spread thinly amongst long hours of hard work, travel and suffering. the pay off is the people you do it with, the experiences and moments like this. i wouldn’t trade this life for any other and am grateful for all of these insane adventures.

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Good to get out and be active. take the kids to #moto or do sports. i can’t except “ all my kids want to do is play on the ipad!” ( who gave it to them) yeah it shuts them up but it’s not healthy. kids should be fit and healthy. the only reason the phone or ipad should be out with kids is to film them doing sports or activities. (do you control devices or do they control you). #health #fitness #training #deegan38 #motivation (don’t get me started on the brainwashing tv)

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A marca queridinha e mais cool do momento está com novidades! confiram e se apaixonem! @pimpnellaoficial no atacado e varejo! @pimpnellaoficial - para atacado chame no : whatsavpp (19) 99642 - 4477 📲 - para varejo acesse o site: - siga: @pimpnellaoficial 💞 @pimpnellaoficial -

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มันเป็น feeling 😂 พบกัน jdna xtreme concert เสาร์ อาทิตย์ 16-17 อิมแพ็คฯ #jdnaxtreme

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45 ideas de regalos de moda (para alegrar armarios) que querrás añadir a tu carta a los reyes magos 🎁 ya en

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You love it, we love it—okay, everyone loves it. the jojo thermal is just $29 today only! #uogifted #uoonyou

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