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80s michelle pfeiffer lewk.👛

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This is not consent!!! the underwear of a 17 year old girl was held up during a r**e trial because apparently wearing lace trim p*****s or underwear that is showing means you are asking for it. the accused man has been acquitted because of this. yes this happened in 2018! to everyone asking me why i and many others didn’t report our assault: this is why! they always find a way to blame the victim. i already made a post about it after the kavanaugh trial but of course that was removed so here it is again: i will never understand why it’s more shameful to be r***d than to be a’s the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused. i didn’t report my assault out of shame and out of fear that no one would believe me. i just wanted everyone to know that there is no shame in being a survivor of s****l assault/abuse, the shame is on the agressor(s)!#thisisnotconsent #believesurvivors #whyididntreport

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Alexander w**g x uniqlo☁️

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Blå konst 👟🧦🧥

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I have to return some videotapes.🍷🍒🔪

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It’s mah birthday!!!🍰🥂

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Any scorpios? 🦂♏︎

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Scorpio season ♏︎🦂 #friyay

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Nothing to wear like venus🐚

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