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In the end, we’re all just dreamers looking for a source of inspiration. some of us seek financial wealth. others try to find riches in the form of personal experiences and travel. i’ve seen the good and the bad of each side. like all things in life, balance is key. in the end, no matter which route you choose, you owe it to yourself to chase something you love. a blend of my two favorite things: san diego sunsets and the magical night sky thanks to @derekvculver.

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The holidays are a special time to surround yourself with family and friends. in my hometown of san diego, there’s a huge active military population and many families are inevitably separated at some point during the year. my brother in law is active duty and over the past few years he’s spent many months away from my sister. she’d often look at pictures of them and sometimes that's all it took to get through a lonely night. i tried to think about a way i can use this platform as an opportunity to give back and help put a smile on the face of a family and it came to me. my holiday gift can be helping capture a special moment for a family to look back on. here’s my proposition for my san diego followers: if you’re active duty or your spouse is, send me an email, direct message, or write below and let’s find a time to grab a picture of your family! it’s my gift to you and hopefully it will be a moment you can look back on with happiness if you have to spend any time apart in the future. it’s my way of saying thank you and it’s the least i can do for the sacrifices your family has made serving our country. feel free to tag a friend who may be in need as well!

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Deep in the woods existed a magical place beyond our wildest dreams. a touch of fall color, all our closest friends and family, and unbeatable weather. @kayrubes1 and i couldn’t believe our eyes when we stumbled upon @sacredmountainjulian and the magical property was more than we could’ve ever imagined . everything came together perfectly to make it a day we’ll never forget. a big thanks to @jarrodjphoto for the incredible photos, love your work!

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Even though we got around via boat, most the time it still felt like we had our own private island. mauritius was a distant island i honestly had never heard about until a couple years ago. i’m so glad our paths crossed and @kayrubes1 and i were able to explore this magical place. from the @fsmauritius to the nearby island of île aux cerfs, mauritius made for one unforgettable experience.

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For those of us who chase nature’s beauty on a daily basis, it’s often a hit or miss game. sometimes you miss an incredible sunrise by a few minutes because you took too long getting up. other days the clouds move in right at sunset and you’re left with a grey sky. i’ve had road construction cause me to miss shooting one of the best rainbows i’ve ever seen. for each of those letdowns there’s a moment like this. when nature’s full spectrum of color is on display and it’s just you and maybe a friend or two enjoying it. this night was a volcano eruption of color as the clouds turned into a fiery red then dipped to night. we had a pool, our cameras, and all the time in the world to sit back and enjoy it.

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Always going to be one of the most surreal mornings i’ve had. just the sound of the lagoon, some birds, and a couple crazy photographers who frantically scrambled to grab pics before the color faded away. whether it’s for relaxation, joy, or melancholy, we all have moments we think back on in our lives. this one in particular was a morning i’m extremely grateful for. a realization that my career had taken me to a distant island in the pacific doing what i love.

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One of the best shows i’ve seen at a place i’m very thankful to call home ❤️

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Ever wake up from a dream so vivid that you lay in bed wishing you were still there? sometimes that magical place fades away, but every once in a while you stumble upon a place in real life that has a strange sense of familiarity. even if you’ve never been there before, something about it has a comforting factor that makes it feel like home. from the first time i stumbled upon this spot to each returning visit, this has been my spot. i sometimes came here in college and sat alone, thinking about what i wanted to do with my life when i graduated. i’ve come here with family and enjoyed the last minutes of sun before the coastline dipped into night. i’ve come with people visiting san diego for the first time, hoping they felt the same magic i always feel when i step to the edge. maybe you already have a spot like this or maybe you’re waiting to find one. either way, here’s a little glimpse into my favorite place so hope you enjoy.

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How do you put last night into words...what started off as a sunset photo mission with a couple friends turned into one of the wildest displays of color i’ve seen. we jumped in the ocean, floated on pools, and ran down the beach as the sky had it’s own party. i looked back on the photos today and had no clue how to edit them. so much vividness, energy, and genuine excitement that it was frustrating trying to figure out how to convey that emotion a single picture. i think a good lesson to take away from last night is prioritize having fun in the present. having a nice photo to look back comes second (but is the cherry on top). sometimes a photo will never be able to replicate the feeling you got, and that’s perfectly alright and nothing to be discouraged about. here’s to chasing more sunset in southern california all winter.

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Iceland, bali, and hawaii get a lot of the travel spotlight, but there’s still incredibly beautiful and relatively undiscovered places out there to explore! the feeling of being somewhere you haven’t seen many pics of is hard to describe but so worth the extra planning. the marquesas islands was a place i touched down on without a ton of background knowledge prior to the trip. every time we pulled up to a new beach or mountain, the adrenaline rush was unbeatable. i’m sure you guys each have your own hidden gems or places that you’re dying to explore, but this one checked all the marks for me and still remains one of my favorite trips.

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Always stoked to see the the excitement of surfers heading full speed into the waves at sunrise. it’s not always easy waking up early and making the drive to the beach, but that first splash of water to the face sure wakes you up quick 😂

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I’ve driven the california coast many times and somehow never took the time to see this spot. some places like this sure grow in popularity and the allure of visiting them can fade. luckily i was able to find a spot away from people to disconnect for a few minutes and really appreciate the beauty of this cove before moving onward. waterfalls, waves, and one great memory that adds to my love for california.

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