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Those sunrise alarms don’t always pay off, but hitting that ever sweet jackpot makes the gamble worth it.

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Amazed by the layers of depth in the alaskan wilderness. it was hard to leave the balcony on our @princesscruises trek up the coast because every few minutes it seemed like we’d pass a waterfall, frozen glacier, or dreamy cabin tucked into a secluded cove. coming from the constant busyness of life in southern california, it’s hard to believe this is part of our country and only a short cruise up the west coast!

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Back from an incredible week visiting the coast of alaska with @princesscruises. while in juneau, we chartered a seaplane which took us over five glaciers and the tongass national forest. alaska has been on my bucket list forever and juneau was the perfect first stop on our adventure!

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Many years ago, my parents bought land in a small mountain town called julian. it was the perfect escape growing up. i’d spend weekdays going to school near the beach in la jolla and on weekends, drive up and help my family work on our land. this was a weekly routine for as long as i could remember. we spent so much time up there making the land as beautiful as we could, lining each road with rocks, clearing fallen brush and trees, building a cabin, and transforming it into what i always saw as a mountain paradise. we’d seldom see other people and our encounters with deer and wildlife were always magical for a young kid with a vivid imagination. then in 2003 it all went away. the cedar fire swept through and burned our cabin to the ground along with 99% of the trees. fire is a natural cycle in the forests but this was caused by a lost hunter lighting a fire to signal for help. it was hard to watch decades of work disappear in a matter of weeks but we hung on to the land and have spent many years re-planting and trying to nurse the magical area back to health. even though it will take generations for the trees to grow back, there’s still moments where the land will take my breath away. this weekends perseid meteor shower was no exception. gathering with my family and watching the streaks across the sky was a great memory of all the times the land brought our family together.

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Life is a rollercoaster. it’s highs and lows. it’s equal parts a beautiful sunset as it is a stormy night. no one likes to advertise the tough times, but being able to ride it out through the storm is one of life’s many tests. staying grounded during the peaks of joy is equally important, for what comes up must always come down. if there’s a storm on the horizon, brace yourself but know you don’t have to face all challenges alone. if a tidal wave is approaching, friends and family are the boat that helps you sail through. i’ve had moments where i’ve sat alone and questioned myself and the direction i’m headed. it’s easy to get lost in your thoughts but hard to find the courage to talk to someone in those moments. just know that each storm passes and eventually there’s a beautiful sunset in your future. if you’re stuck in a storm and want to talk about something you’re struggling with but can’t find someone, shoot me a message. happy to help you find the sunset on your horizon 🌅

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Floating off into the sunset above the salt formations of the dead sea. one of the most magical places i’ve visited and a moment of time i often reminisce about.

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While cruising down the san diego coast with @ravean_aaron , we came one of the wildest things i’ve seen, a pod of dolphins working their way through a massive stingray migration. i had never seen thousands of stingrays together, and watching them part as the dolphins moved their way through was magical! such incredible ocean wildlife is just another reason to love san diego. killer shot of the moment!
📸: @ravean_aaron

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This is where i grew up! such an incredible view down the pacific beach coastline on our flight this morning with @ravean_aaron. we took up his trike and buzzed the coastline a few times. highlight had to be seeing dolphins swimming through thousands of migrating stingrays which i posted on my story 😱 such good times, can’t wait to get up there again soon!

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The hardest part about surfing is often deciding when to call it a day and paddle in. it’s hard to turn your back on moments like these but a little bit easier when your climb rewards you with a view 🏄🏼‍♂️

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Summer skates through the park in the early hours before everyone fills the valley. i usually stick to visiting yosemite in the fall when the crowds die down and the colors come alive but summer brought an excitement and energy. floating down the merced is on the bucket list for next year ✔️

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Sometimes you gotta challenge your friends to some beach olympics to stay in shape on the road. @karl_shakur at it here training for leg 1 of the relay team on the beaches of nuka hiva.

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Nothing but good vibes over here. what do you enjoy most about where you live? watching people enjoy summer sunsets in and out of the water always reminds me why i love southern california 🏄🏼‍♂️
shot on @sonyalpha a7riii and 24-70mm f2.8 lens #alphacollective

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