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V stoked on these walkway slabs - an improvisational design using hand motions, my broken spanish mixed with my contractors broken english. it was literally amigo modern in action. #trinefamfixer

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Progress report! #trinefamfixer

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Starting to look like a house!!! #trinefamfixer

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Some people get lucky, some people can develop a hustle that works for a while, and it’s fun, and you can connect with people, but at the end of day, the house always wins.
maybe someone has already made that analogy? maybe i can google it? where’s the exit? what time is it? i’ve got a few more minutes, i’ll just thrown down $5 at this blackjack table. i’ll just scroll a bit more.

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#tbt - 👀 these styling styles from feb 2014! maybe the most maximal i’ve been. this was in my “styling as painting” phase or something.

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I love this stuff.
trade wars suck.
i love this stuff.
trade wars suck.
i love this stuff.

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Some folks have been asking - here’s the info! we decided on an engineered hardwood floor. we chose this model from @kentwoodfloors because they had really long planks - up to 6 feet! this model is called springfield, it’s brushed white oak, with a slight warm white wash finish. we didn’t want something too gray, or too yellow, this one was just right. recommended to me by @surfsideprojects // #trinefamfixer

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Kitchen finishes - cabinets (uppers, lowers, island) in clary sage by sherwin williams. leaning to the brass pulls (keep it classic). back splash - stilbite color by @fireclaytile (spendy,, but having a heck of a time finding a good pink. now we need to pick a shape). surfaces will be @metroquartz - probably calacatta manhattan look. #trinefamfixer

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Kitchen cab idea! powder coated these pulls to match the cabinet color. not completely sold on the idea, but it’s a cool tonal look. this is actually the standard sage we use on @amigomodern products. #trinefamfixer // paint is sherwin williams clary sage

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Fireplace paint: white or black? we are leaning heavily to black, as we’ve had white at our current place for the past 5 years. what do you think? #trinefamfixer

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Here’s mine: a then c, make sure it works with d. but, recently with our house project we talked ourselves out of a few tile options due to lead times. what’s your vibe?

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Caption this:

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