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My booth from @addesignshow 2014!
5 years ago!
i just arrived in nyc for this year’s show. it’s crazy to look back on the last 5 years and see how much i’ve grown, and how many things have changed - including my biz name! that was my first real trade show, it’s when i actually think this thing i was doing became a business. now this is our first trade show as @amigomodern - and it feels fresh, and exciting, and i have that same feeling i did years ago - i hope this works!

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Sanding + relaxing = sandelaxing?

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Weekend stuff. currently 👉 before. 🌵 🎉 #trinehome #trinefamfixer

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Dropping into the weekend like 2008 me on skates

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Built for chillin’ - no matter your age! love seeing how different people use our pieces - @amigomodern baja sofas (designed by @milezthomspon ) in situ at @saguarohotels lobby.

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Most of you won’t care about this - but since i’ve been in palm springs a lot lately i’ve been reminiscing about these impromptu camping trip informal art projects that we would embark on in the salton sea. seeing all the @_desertx installations has been rad, but i’m also reminded of how many folk art projects manifest in the desert as well - like salvation mtn, and starting an impromptu jam session in slab city. these are 2 excerpts from our annual salton sea art field trip from 2008! full video on youtube. footage by @longbeachfilmco // @samarthur_hrc @longbeachfilmco @heathertrine @samarthur_hrc @erik_trickett @impressive_trumpet_solo @melindamoe @halflightbindery @michid @evanpaultrine

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Pretty neat flouro orange box by sterling ruby.

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Saw the @julianhoeber installation on my way into a meeting this morning. i love it so much it makes me jealous and makes we want to make better things! @_desertx #desertx

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First thing first - the furniture is your content and brand strategy. lead with design, leave the rhetoric behind. thoughts? #designsermon

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The pink pool begs impromptu photo shoots - even more when your friends are a professional model and photographer - and when she just so happens to be wearing all pink! #trinepool

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