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Is “designer” synonymous with “name brand? everything is designed.
things of similar quality,manufactured the same way, in the same region, will cost the same to make. the difference in retail price has to do with the distribution model (direct to consumer vs wholesale), and branding. thoughts?

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An idea for a hanging fruit bowl sculpture thing for a project with @happyhouragency //

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Looking forward to living with these @jujupapers tiles for the rest of our lives! dialing in the layout for our master bath - installing today! #trinefamfixer

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Here to see @hiphopnutcracker, but i always trip out on the physics of these stairs - designed by long beach architectural legend edward killingsworth. intermission update: this show is amazing!!! new tradition!!!

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First new phone in 3.5 years, ok, the camera is wayyyyyyyy better. dad mode: activated.

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✌️🤟🖖🙏🙌 cement tile by @jujupapers // good vibe machine via @settlewell and @amigomodern

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Whoops, we made a p***s again. 🙈

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Just a few things left to do - long shelf over the window, pink tile backsplash from @fireclaytile, and pendants from @brendanravenhillstudio over the island. #trinefamfixer
cabinets - custom from builder boy (long beach). quartz counter tops by @metroquartz
appliances - kitchen aid - 40% off labor day sake at @loweshomeimprovement
paint color - @sherwinwilliams clary sage
cabinet hardware - @loweshomeimprovement
sink - @kohler black neoroc
faucet - @deltafaucet

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Planning for our holiday events at the studio, this was from our @dusendusen holiday pop-up last year! trying to figure out something to do this year that will be just as awesome!

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I know no one wants to see my dumb hobbit feet, but i’ve got something to say about these little permanent illustrations residing upon them. in my early 20s, i adopted this phrase “i know it in my head, but i don’t know it in my feet. i know it in my heart, but it hasn’t changed the way i dance.” the thing is, ideologies, philosophies, civic and political theory, and even religious and spiritual practice, don’t matter until it hits your feet - that is, until it changes the way you walk/dance/act. we’re all going to walk around with stickers on our shirts today - and the hope is, it’s an outward expression of an inside conviction - it is your choice in action. and hopefully what is living deep in your heart and mind, a vision for a more whole and loving, and just and righteous, and inclusive and democratic society can be made manifest today. #ivoted #ihopeyoudidtoo

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Finally getting a taste of what our master bathroom is gonna look like! @jujupapers tile, all the way through to the shower - and then the walls are prepped and ready for lime plaster (an americanized version of a traditional moroccan process called tadelakt). walls will be the color of white-ish part of the tile. #trinefamfixer

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