El Questro Over 1 million acres in size, El Questro is located in Western Australia's untamed Kimberley region. It's one of Australia's last true frontiers. http://www.elquestro.com.au/
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To really embrace an el questro escape, join one of our tours and our rangers will introduce you to just under a million acres of outback featuring experiences from 4-wheel-driving through rivers and up to lookouts for sunset or bird watching through the dynamic flora and fauna.

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Titled one of the "world's last wilderness frontiers", the kimberley covers australia's entire north-western corner. the enriched landscape offers prolific wildlife, freshwater swimming holes and waterfalls, grand canyons and the chance to embrace one of the greatest 4wd road trips that many have on their bucket list 📸: @inbedwith.me

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The emma gorge rocky and scenic trail is an essential kimberley experience that's worth the effort. spend a moment gazing into the deep aqua colours of the turquoise pool before you make it to the end where you will be met by the dramatic waterfall 📸: @wonder.glow

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As you cruise down the deep gorge waters keep your eyes on the sunburnt sandstone and you may come across the wondrous discovery of a rock wallaby before it hops away into a pocket.

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Zebedee springs is one of the first turn-offs after emma gorge. tiptoe down the path under the lush livistona and pandanus palms to the thermal spring. unravel in the tepid spring waters of a series of small rock pools framed by the tropical forest.

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The extraordinary kimberley environment enlightens every guest's mood and optimism. the claiming effects of having a warm bath at the homestead with picturesque views will ensure that you will have a peaceful sleep 📸: @inbedwith.me

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As the day comes to an end, our guests can retreat back to the comfort of the homestead where they can share their experiences around the communal table as they enjoy a divine hearty dinner as the crimson sun fades behind the cockburn ranges.... 📸: @inbedwith.me

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You may find the el questro gorge trail a little tricky, however at the end you will be presented with this jewel, a waterfall like no other.
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@inbedwith.me brought a sense of style to the homestead. could you ask for a better backdrop?

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Treat yourself to a stay at the homestead during 2019 where your taste buds will also be taken on a journey with our all-inclusive gourmet dining options. our passionate chefs use only the best produce, purchased from local suppliers for you to enjoy amongst the beautiful environment.
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We are sad to say that the season has come to an end and we are now preparing for the wet season. farewell from the team at el questro and we hope to see you during the 2019 season. 📸 @bcardib
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On the chamberlain gorge tour, the archer fish will very accurately spit water at you if you don't reward them with food.
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