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Happy earth day! 🌎⬇️

we are so lucky to be able to have a planet like this one, full of water, wildlife and just the exact amount of sunlight to make it all happen - and not k**l us! it really blows my mind how everything miraculously happened and actually worked out. the chances of the creation of all life like on earth is nearly imposible. grateful to be alive and sharing this home with all of you… unfortunately the planet’s current situation is no bueno because of climate change. it has come to a point that if we don’t take actions right now, the planet we know will be gone. we are literally in the last curve, last chance, it’s now or never. let’s take care of our home, and let’s not forget we share it with many other species - equally important as humans. i saw @leonardodicaprio make a call to action on his ig to sign a petition for a global deal for nature, link is in bio. let’s all play a small role 🌎

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Angels landing 🏔 | what an absolutely crazy adventure, doing this type of experiences make me realize how small we are. the hike gives you insane views... almost like if you were in another planet. and the fact that there’s very gnarly and steep parts that locals put chains in the past to make it through it (swipe) makes it simply awesome. i kept grabbing the chains and singing “pa pa ra paaa, pa pa raa, pa pa ra paaa, pa para pa! pa!” i was indiana johnes.

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Happy anniversary bonita @carmellarose ! i can’t believe it’s been a year together... time flies by your side. you are the cutest most kind person i’ve ever met. your heart is so pure and you have a little girl’s soul. thank you for putting up with my hyperactivity and the constant craziness, thank you for your time, your love and good spirit. i love you! there’s no better way to celebrate than with experiences, now we shall go adventure loca! te amo 🏔🌹

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Orgulloso de formar parte del equipo de @huaweimobilemx, cómo creador de contenido poder capturar las cosas es clave, y es una locura lo que la cámara de este celular puede lograr! gracias por incluirme en este movimiento! #reescribeméxico con tu #huaweip30 🤟🏻😜

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When you realize you have a credit card 😂 | watch “time traveling” full video link in bio! @directedbystro

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Last day in the desert ✌🏻🌞🌵| by @taylorcutfilms

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I firmly believe this is a sombrero, yet there have been people that tell me it’s a fedora. what do you guys think? sombrero or fedora ⬇️ | by @taylorcutfilms

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First time wearing a light blue suit and i had to post a selfie cause it’s my fav color, this light blue is rare in suits! swipe & comment your fav 1, 2, 3, 4 ⬇️

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When she finally texts you back 😂 | watch “inside juanpa” full episode link in bio. @directedbystro

if you like my comedy and been following be for a while, this one is a must. very proud it. hope you enjoy it 🤟🏻

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Portraits capture the essence of a person, taken by my good friend @carlosalvarezalv , please read below his amazing interview ⬇️

juanpa, april 5th, 2019.
nostalgia might mean buying an instax camera with wistful affection for polaroid format pictures, or listening to vinyls on a gramophone instead of going on spotify or itunes. but nostalgia doesn’t mean going back decades, it means longing for something in the past. it can mean going on youtube to watch vines, the now extinct six-second-looped videos. vine, the app parented by twitter, was discontinued in the beginning of 2017, in spite of its discontinuation, it left a generation of content creators who are now pioneers to the entertainment business.
in 2013, juan pablo martinez zurita arellano placed his shirt over his head, grabbing the hands of puca, his white christmasy dog, and comically played the air drums to different house songs and posted the six second mp4. six years later he has his own clothing brand, he has starred in luis miguel super production series for netflix, leaded in milan for dolce and gabbana’s fashion runway, he is just short of 10 million followers on youtube and has almost double the followers of current potus on instagram (21.1 million). at 23 he seems to be eating the world with every endeavour, holding his country’s name up high. jp has the fervent belief that mexico is always underestimated, that being mexican is a true gift and it’s people have the potential to achieve whatever they set their mind to and even something greater. if juanpablo has something that has conceptually tied together acapella to modeling in milan, or any of his projects, is being proud of being born under a serpent-eating-eagle tri-colored flag and showing it to the world.
in spite of all his feats though, he is easy going, polite and has the easiest of smiles. the first thing he says to describe himself as our interview begins is “i’m a kid”. and he genuinely is, we’ve played super smash brothers melee together and he is a lifelong fan; he always picked kirby or nes but with the new switch tune ups his go to character is toon link. three lives, no items. the text continues in the comments ⬇️

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When you try to impress a girl 🗡 | watch full vid of “el zorro” w/ @lelepons on her youtube!

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When she knows you liked pictures of another girl on ig 😂 (full vid link in bio)

w/ @lelepons @marcusjohns @anwar @fi_cavatorta @directedbystro

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