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That carbon shine 😍 @dino__ny @lmkbrophotography #e60fans

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One of the neighborhoods that mostly burned down, .5 mi from my house. click the link in our bio to donate to the affected families πŸ™ #e60fans show me you donated for a shoutout! any size donation

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Bbs & bbk 😜 @dan.e60m5 #e60fans

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Engineering marvels. @sowmase60 #e60fans

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Golden state of mind #e60fans

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Thank you @e.visuals117 for the submission! #e60fans

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This is perfection if i've ever seen it. bbs fi-rs on a supercharged, immaculate e60 m5. thank you @dan.e60m5 for doing this. and @gregfeightytwo for photographing it so stunningly. #e60fans

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@m5_blackmonster's paint looks like glass! with a nice wheel combo as well. #e60fans

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It's monday, and our hearts go out to all those suffering in puerto rico, las vegas, and elsewhere around the globe. sometimes it seems like there's more hate than love and kindness in the world these days. we are all blessed to have a family of like-minded, passionate people to rise above it and show love. i'm talking about your automotive family. no concern for race, religion, income, anything. if you like cars, we can be friends. spread the love ✌️#e60fans

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Sliding into the week like... @ovacin33. photo by @omarbahlol #e60fans

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#e60fans photo by @nikkpics_ owner: @arjonit

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Something about the way the light hits all the lines in this photo is just perfect. courtesy of @tianhub #e60fans

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