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German muscle 💪 by @m5erious

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Speaking of @dinmanncf: e60/e63 steering wheels. made in the usa. made to order. must we say more? #e60fans #dinmanncf

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@canlas_mobile_tint's stunning white wald ///m5. the engine bay and interior (featuring cf accents from @dinmanncf) are just as impressive as the exterior, you can see more of this beast as well as the cmt f80 on their instagram page. @canlas_mobile_tint #e60fans #swipeleftforbooty

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Another one of @renato.bfs's e60 m5 from switzerland 🇨🇭

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@seppow420's stage 3 single turbo 530d from belgium! 🇧🇪🙏🏼

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Debadged ///m5 e60 by @erwinkats 🇳🇱

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These v10's are always at the pump. but it makes for a great picture! by @teodor_anghel

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Here we have one of the most viral photos of an e60 m5 of all time. just look at that paint! owner is @renato.bfs

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Lovely vip style spin on this slammed e60. owned by @p_homafia. a beautiful capture by @lonelyvictor. #e60fans

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Throwback to breaking the internet with @jpricem5 and @tianhub 📸

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Icy ❄️ by @rated_m5

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Them oval tips 💦 @m5erious

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